13 weeks, 4th month, 2nd trimester and everything is okay!

Last week was a bit scary. The wife experienced some bleeding, but not very much. Most web sites tended to say that it was normal while others said that it could be signs of a miscarriage and to get to a doctor or a hospital ER immediately. Although I never considered it an emergency per se, it did keep me up at nights and prevented me from concentrating at work.

We went to the clinic a day earlier than scheduled (partially due to my uneasiness and impatience). The 45 minute wait in the waiting room was unbearable at times, but I had to keep my spirits high for the wife so that I didn’t get her in a frenzy.

When our turn came up, it seemed that I was the first one through the examination room door, with my wife trailing a quite a ways behind me. I guess my nervousness was beginning to show. The doctor came in with the prenatal blood test results that had been taken a couple of weeks earlier and read us the results. Although it was nice to know that we weren’t infected with HIV or other STD’s and compromising diseases, I really wanted to know if there was going to be a problem with the pregnancy.

My wife explained about the spotting and the first thing out of the doctor’s mouth was, Uh-oh, that’s definately not good! Which made me extremely tense. And my weeks of effort in trying to keep the wife calm all flew out the window, because she started to show signs of panic. Either this doctor had really poor bedside manners or something could be really wrong, I thought.

We both went into the ultrasound room to see if the baby was still growing normally. The first thing we saw was the torso and the heart was beating, which brought immediately relief. The doctor took measurements and muttered, everything looks good! The baby is growing at a good pace! Weeks of worry and anguish disappeared instantly. Later, I admitted to the wife how worried I really was.

I was hoping to learn the sex of the baby last week, but with combination of the baby’s back being towards us and the timing being a bit too soon, we couldn’t get an answer. One of the nurses said that it will be another few weeks until we can get a definative and accurate picture, and ONLY if the baby cooperates. So far, the kid has been quite shy and incooperative. Hopefully this isn’t a foreshadow of what’s to come.

Morning sickess is still intermittant. Today was pretty bad and the wife bad to come home early from work. According to some of my research, 2nd trimester morning sickness that is moderate to extreme indicates that the baby is likely to be a girl. However, there is no definitive conclusion to the study. And at most, it only slightly favors girls over boys.

12 weeks 5 days old
Not much to see this week. As a matter of fact, it was a bit boring.

another one
Here’s another shot.

I will post videos later when I finish editing them.

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Morning Sickness Stopped??

After two weeks of mild to moderate morning sickness, my wife has reported that the symptoms have stopped completely and we’re bit concerned.

A few days ago, because the morning sickess was making her somewhat miserable, I tried to see if there was a home remedy that may lighten some of the nausea. I found a site that said that eating ginger lightens the some the symptoms, so my wife started pigging out on ginger. Amazingly this remedy seemed to have done the trick. But a few days later, my wife found another article that said eating too much ginger is not good. Since, she cut back significantly, but now says she hasn’t felt nausious in a couple of days now.

Being a bit concerned that this may not be a good sign, I did some research and found an article that said morning sickness varies in different women. For some, its pretty severe and can last well into the second trimester. For others, it can be pretty mild or show no symptoms at all and end after a few week. Some have even reported an intermittant coming and going of symptoms.

Tomorrow, my wife has an appointment with the doctor to do an ultrasound. The heart should be visibile so it will give a definative answer to what’s going on.

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