Farewell Princess

Just a little more than a day after her sister’s passing, Princess, our beloved Westie decided that it was time for her to leave us as well.   Princess was born on October 13th, 1999 in Shizuoka prefecture among a litter of five Westies, three females and two males.  Among the females, Princess was the most friendly, active, and rambunctious.  We were instantly in love with her and decided that she would be the one to come home with us.  Jenna was quiet and evasive and tried to avoid human contact, and for that nobody wanted her, except for us, so we adopted her too -and she became a lifetime companion, sister, rival, and best friend to Princess and us.

Princess loved people and was the most happiest when she was around us. She had a very sweet demeanor, and trusted everyone.  She would always snuggle up to us while we were asleep or just jump up and lick our faces without warning.  Often times when Haru was afraid to take a bath alone, Princess would comfort her by sitting outside by the door and keeping her company. She was playful, sweet, kind, gentle, comforting, funny, mischievous, and smart.

During the last few years of her life, she suffered from a number of ailments including cancer and hypoglycemia.  We tirelessly struggled to keep her well with numerous visits the vet and even surgery, but she finally succumbed to her illnesses earlier today.

Jenna and Princess were virtually inseparable during life, only being separated from each other when in the hospital.  They played together, ate together, slept together, and even traveled together.  It’s only fitting that they are inseparable in death as well.

Both will be furiously missed.  We will never forget you Princess and Jenna, and thanks for filling our home with love for the last 15 years and 11 months.



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