Farewell Jenna (October 1999 – September 2015)


At about 1AM this morning, Jenna our beloved West Highland White Terrier past away in her sleep.  She was 15 years and 11 months old -exactly one month shy of her 16th birthday.   Her death comes a shock to us, and came suddenly as she was very active just days earlier.  However, a couple days ago, Jenna suddenly lost her eyesight followed by her ability to walk, and eventually passed away earlier this morning.

Jenna came into our lives just over 15 years ago, on our search to find a family pet.  We initially intended to only adopt Princess, but after learning that Jenna was the only puppy in litter who still hadn’t found a home yet, we decided to adopt her too.  She was initially distrustful, frightened, shy, and unfriendly and had a biting habit -all of the traits people tend to avoid when adopting a puppy.  But even knowing that she would be a difficult dog to keep, I knew we had to take her home too.

After a few months of giving Jenna plenty of love and care that she deserved, Jenna learned to trust us and returned the love we gave her.  Jenna became a wonderful, sweet, and active friend to everyone.  Haru especially loved Jenna because she was so patient with her, even when Haru was still a baby.  She will be missed dearly.  Farewell Jenna!  We love you!





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