🎶June is Bustin’ Out All Over🎶

How the year goes by so fast.  2015 is already at its halfway point, and its already June.  Every since Haru graduated from kindergarten, a weekday off spent together has become a rare thing.  Anytime we all go somewhere together, it would have to be on a weekend or a national holiday when the whole country has the day off, so it would be crowded no matter where we go.

But once in a blue moon, we do have have the same day off, while the rest of the country has to fulfill their obligations as citizens, and today was one of them.  Haru had the day off today because her school had a Saturday class over the weekend, and today was their compensation day off.  For me, it was a more odd and complicated reason.  I actually started my new job today, but for some reason, my new company wasn’t ready for me, so they gave me a 5 day paid leave straight away.  So we decided to take advantage of our shared weekday off to visit our favorite indoor pool and onsen in Chiba.

You’d think on days like this, things would be smooth sailing for us.  You’d assume that since the rest of the country is assumed to be at work or school, that we would have very little traffic, and we would be able to get to where we need to go effortlessly.  Well, unfortunately we all know what happens when we ass-u-me.

On the way to the resort, we ran into the traffic jam from hell, and what was suppose to be only a 45 minute trip, turned into a 3 hour gridlocked jam.  Apparently, some jerk driving a rig across the Yokohama Bay Bridge rear ended 8 other cars causing a massive accident that jammed traffic for nearly six hours.  Although we caught the end of the jam, it still took us three hours to get out of the bumper to bumper traffic.  Afterwards, we found out that a 36 year old truck driver caused the accident because he had been texting while driving, and sent 9 other drivers to the hospital with injuries ranging from mild to severe.  What a jerk!

Anyways, without going into a complete rant about how irritated I was having to spend my very rare day off with my family on a weekday stuck in traffic because one inconsiderate a-hole, I can say the rest of the day went a bit better.  However, when we arrived at our favorite resort, we learned that we weren’t the only ones in Japan who had the day off.  As a matter of fact, it seemed like everyone and their mother had the day off and decided to visit the onsen/pool as well.  How irritating!    But having said this, even though it was more crowded than expected, it wasn’t jam packed and we were to do everything we wanted to do.  ideally we wanted to some more time there, but our schedule was already limited due to Haru’s tumbling class in the evening, and the traffic jam shortened our stay significantly.

We did have a lot of fun though.  As much as we wanted to stay over night like we usually do, Haru had already made plans to see her friend the next day, so we agreed to the over-nighter some other time.

After we finished the onsen bath, which I still feel uncomfortable using, Haru and I decided to visit the play area.  The play area had a balloon house, and an inflatable tumble track.  But best of all, the place was completely empty so we had the place completely to ourselves.  Since we had the whole tumble tack to ourselves, I thought it would be a good idea to train Haru to a double back handspring.  After a few goes, and a few failures, she was able to successfully do a round off double back handspring, a skill that no one in her gymnastic class has yet, and only 2 other people (who are much older than her) have in her tumbling class.

After spending the day at the pool and onsen, we grabbed dinner on the way home and then headed straight to tumbling.  Quite a busy day for all of us, but a lot of fun.  This is pretty much the level of activeness we have to keep Haru, otherwise she’ll be restless all day.  But with the traffic jam, swimming, water slides, onsen, back handspring practice at the resort, then the 30-40+ additional back handsprings she had to do at tumbling practice, this was a bit much even for Haru, because she asleep within 10 minutes of laying her down on her pillow.



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