The latest fad around our neighborhood seems to a strange looking contraption called a Ripstick. No, I didn’t mistake my R’s and L’s, that’s what they are really called. All the cool kids have one, according to Haru, and of course, by virtue of coolness, she must have one too.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary skateboard, but upon a more careful inspection, you’ll realize that this skateboard is missing two wheels. Yes, I kid you not, it’s a two wheeled skateboard. Sounds difficult to ride? Well, it is!

I am not a stranger to having wheels under my feet. Admittedly, I never took well to riding skateboards, even those of the four wheeled variety. But roller skates, roller blades, and grass skis, are all pretty easy for me. However, this silly looking Ripstick thingy is just absolutely absurd. First of all, it’s ridiculously squirrelly and impossible to stand on unless you’re grabbing onto something, and If somehow you’ve managed to stand up on one, you would have to have the balancing expertise of a tight rope walker to stay up on one.

Haru had been wanting one for quite a while now, every since her kindergarten era friend and now gymnast rival, Yuka S. got one when she was still in kindergarten and took to it right away. The thing looked way too dangerous for little kids to be riding so we held off on buying one for Haru. However, Haru had been borrowing a Ripstick from one of the older neighborhood kids and was able to learn to ride it fairly quickly, so we decided to get one of her own. It was a good alternative to staying home and playing with her Nintendo 3DS all day.

Now, we have a neighborhood Ripstick club, where the older kids teach the younger kids how to do tricks. Haru doesn’t know how to do too many tricks yet, but she is practicing doing jumps with her friends, so I think its just a matter of time until she gets to be really good at it.



Fast Tube by Casper