CheerFest 2015

Another year and another CheerFest has gone by, and as usual it was extremely exhausting for everyone.   Last year, the event organizers did a horrible job with crowd control.  Despite the fact that we were practically first in line, we weren’t given our choice of free seating.  We were basically seated wherever the ushers told us to be seated, and that was pretty random.  I wouldn’t have minded this so much if it weren’t for the fact that the people who spent much less time in line than we did, were ushered to better seats, thus aggravating those like us, who spent 2 hours or more hoping to get a good location.

This year was a bit different.  Although the organization was still a bit poor, this year it was completely free seating.  First come, first served.  For me, this was great news, because I don’t mind lining up early as long as we are guaranteed first come first served seating.  So like last year, I started lining up two hours before the doors opened, and I was FIRST in line.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, people started queuing,  and about 30 minutes after that, the line was already out into the streets.  Then the event coordinator did the unthinkable.  Instead of what was a double file line,  the event coordinators brought people from the bottom of the line and line them up next to me.  I was furious!  Do these people know what they’re doing??  At that point, I decided that I wasn’t going to have a repeat of what happen last year, and that the event coordinators will not dictate where we choose to sit.  I am going to make absolute sure that I am going to sit where I choose to sit even if it means totally bypassing and ignoring the ushers.

At precisely 12:30PM, the doors open and the crowd rushed in with us still at the front of the line.  Then the stupidity and disorganization struck again.  As we got closer to the auditorium door, the event coordinators stopped us again at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the entrance doors.  The event organizers then announce that the cheerleaders will be rehearsing until 1PM and that we had to wait until they clear the auditorium.  If they knew that the girls were rehearsing until 1PM, then why bring the audience halfway in and have us wait another 30 minutes until they were ready??  By that time, people were getting restless and started cutting in front of others in line.  I predicted that as soon as the coordinators gave the okay sign, everyone would rush to the top of the stairs as if were a horse race, and quite possibly someone might be injured.

At 1pm, the doors to the auditorium finally opened and surprisingly we all slowly proceeded to the top of the stairs in a very controlled and orderly fashion.  When we reached the door, I noticed that there were no ushers in the auditorium randomly telling us where to sit like last year.  It was truly free seating, so I rushed to a spot where I know I could get a fairly clear view with little obstruction.  Although it wasn’t totally obstruction-free, it was good enough.

Hearties Jr. were first on the roster, so initially we thought we’d watch Haru’s team perform, and then go home.  But as the show proceeded, it got harder and harder to leave because there were so many people there, and because we thought it might be bad to yank Haru away from her cheerleading friends, who were all watching from the upper deck of the auditorium.

Fortunately, the decision to stay was a good one, because I actually won a canvas bag during the raffle at end of the show.  So overall, it was a good show.  Haru performed really well and even nailed her solo routine.



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8 Years


This month marks the eighth year since I started writing about Haruka’s story.  So far, its been great, and I look forward to many more years writing about the events in Haruka’s childhood.

Around this time last year, Haruka attended her first ski trip at Camp Luck.  We were planning to send her again this year, but her friend from kindergarten whom she planned to go to camp with again, decided not to go.  Haru didn’t want to go alone, so she decided not to either.   Luckily she was able to go skiing a couple of weeks ago with her second cousins, otherwise she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to ski this year.

Haru has decided that she longer wants to do swimming classes.  This is probably due to the fact that her friend and rival, Yuka S. was promoted to higher level class ahead of her.  Haru wasn’t very happy about been left behind, so she decided that she she didn’t want to swim anymore.  I really didn’t like the “I can’t so I quit” attitude and I offered to help her pass her next swim test so that she could moved up to the same class that Yuka is in, but she refused.  She said that even if she passed the swim test, she still wanted to quit.

Swimming was never too high on Haru’s interest list.  She only took the class because my wife felt that it was important for her to learn to swim.  But I guess over the months, Haru has become somewhat “proud”, and didn’t like the fact that she wasn’t progressing as  quickly as the others.  After having thought about it for several weeks, she finally decided that she would continue swimming until she is able to swim freestyle.

In contrast, Haru has been skyrocketing passed her classmates in both gymnastics and tumbling and her interest level has climbed quite a lot.  Naturally, when a child is good at something, and kicking the other kids’ butts doing it, she is going to enjoy doing it more.  She has even asked if she could take gymnastics twice a week (on top of her usual once a week Saturday morning class).  However I told her that her schedule is already overloaded with extra curricular activities, so she should really either consider  giving up one of her other classes, or really think about this carefully.

Three of the top cheerleaders in Haru’s tumbling class quit last week in order to pursue other activities.  This now effectively puts Haru in the top 3 (in my opinion, she is probably in the top 2) which is amazing progress.  This means that her tumbling coach will probably progress her onto much harder skills ahead of the rest of the class.

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