Ski Suki

A couple of weeks ago, Haru got the opportunity to go skiing and camping with her second cousins (on her mother’s) side.  Apparently, my wife’s cousin’s family just purchased an RV camper home and had been planning to take a ski trip to Niigata.  Although I was invited to go along as well, with Princess’s hypoglycemia condition, I had to stay home and take care of her.

Haru had only gone skiing once (last year at Luck Ski Camp), and hadn’t skied since, but she seemed to be able to pick up where she left off pretty quickly.  Overall, seem liked everyone had fun.  I only wish that I could have gone too.




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Tumbling Progression

Since Haru started advanced tumbling last month, I have been keeping a weekly progress log to see how she progresses in this class.  I’ve also taken videos so that I can show Haru where she needs to improve, and to also keep records of the progress.

Back in December, when we audited the advanced class, the tumbling coach introduced Haru, and one one other girl , Natsuki, who is the same age as Haru and also got promoted into advanced tumbling, to the rest of the class.  The class, which is comprised of mostly older girls of at least 9 years old or older, looked at the two new younger girls with somewhat disapproval.  The coach then said, they may look small, but they are really good.  Be careful, or they may overtake you.  This comment puzzled me at first, but later the coach explained that lately some of the first graders have been out performing the older kids, which may explain the look of disapproval during the introductions.

On her first day, Haru didn’t perform too well.  He coach commented that she seemed too tired.  This was probably because the advanced tumbling class started an hour later than the class she had been going to.  Her class now goes from 7:30pm to 8:30 and often goes up to 20 minutes over time.  So by the time she is done, it about 9PM, which normally she would be preparing to go to bed.  I grew concerned that maybe this time slot maybe too late for her, but by the following weeks, she had already gotten use to it.

The following week, she had a high fever so she had to skip tumbling.  But by the third week, she was showing the other girls (of whom two were her student coaches who were teaching her how to do some the skills,  just a few short weeks earlier) how things are done.  And last week, she had surpassed half her class (including her two student teachers) by doing skills that they couldn’t do.  So overall Haru is really taking off.  I told Haru that her target is the girl from the Funky A’s, because she is the best, and if Haru wanted to be the best, she was the one to watch.


Week 2:  A lot of form correction.  The coach did a really good job in working with Haru to correct her form.  Although it’s still not perfect, there is a noticeable difference.  They even practiced a round off to back handspring which I din’t think they would do for a while.

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Week 3:  Haru was given a chance to the the handspring without a spotter.  This effectively advances her past 5 or 6 other girls, two whom were her teachers just weeks earlier.

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Week 4:  Just for giggles, I had a deal going with Haru that if she is able to do a round off to a back handspring (a difficult skill that only 2 or 3 girls can do in her tumbling class, and no one can do in her gymnastics class) by herself, that I would treat her and rent some of her favorite DVDs.  I thought it would be at least another month before she could do this, but when Haru is determined to go something, she will do it, and this was no different.

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