Haru began her tumbling class about six months ago.  At the time, it seemed like everyone in that class was better than her.  These girls were really serious about being good at both tumbling and cheerleading, so I told Haru that is she wanted to be as good as these girls, she would have to practice hard.

Well, after only six short months, Haru has surpassed all of them and was promoted up to the next level: the advanced tumbling class.  Just to see what she was getting into, we audited (attended without participating) one of the advanced tumbling classes, and it was pretty amazing.

I thought that the girls intermediate glass were serious, but they look like total children compared to what the girls in the advanced class were doing.  The best girl in  the class (a member of the elite Funky A’s cheerleading team) was doing, round offs, double back handsprings, and back tucks.  It will be quite a while before Haru catches up to her, but it will definitely be fun watching her try.


Last day of intermediate class:

Fast Tube by Casper

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