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Three years ago this week, Haru started what is to be a 15 year (minimum) academic career.  She was only three years ago, and I remember thinking how she had grown up since she was a baby.  But as I reflect back and read my old blogs and look at the old pictures, I can’t believe what a little baby she was back then compared to now.  Of course, six years from now, when she graduates from elementary school, and six year from that point when she graduates from high school, I will probably looking back to this moment and looking at these pictures and saying the same exact thing.

Three years ago this week, when Haru began Kindergarten, it was for some, the very first time away from their families.  Many kids were crying at the initiation ceremony, as they were forced to sit with their fellow classmates and away from their families for the first time.  Haru never shed a tear through the whole event.   As a mater of fact, she offered comfort to her now best friend, Yuka, who back then was a very quiet and somewhat sad child, who rarely smiled.

The initiation ceremony at Haru’s new school was quite different.  First of all, there was hardily any crying -not by the students at least.  I did spot one boy who was crying during the ceremony, but I have no idea why.  As the new first graders entered the the auditorium, a chorus of upper class boys and girls sang songs very off key and off tempo, and they really did sound unrehearsed and just plain awful.  At Haru’s old kindergarten, this would have been un-thought of, but I guess the quality level drops a bit when going from private school to public school.  But the one thing that really caught my attention were the teachers -more specifically the principal teacher.  Apparently he is new -just started this spring, which was kind of obvious.   He gave a really awful speech during the ceremony.  Maybe I am just a stickler for proper wording, but he was say some really peculiar things in his speech.  As an example, there was this one line that caught my attention, he said, “We are trying to become a more happy and cheerful school”.  Trying?  In my own head, this implied that the school is a sad and gloomy place to be, and going by the school’s overall appearance, it did seem that way.

Maybe I was too use to seeing the cleanliness and upkeep of Haru’s kindergarten, or maybe I was too use to the cleanliness of the elementary school that I attended, but Haru’s new school looked pretty bad.  Maybe the principal was referring to the external appearance of the school?  If so, that would definitely be a welcomed change, because I’d personally hate to spend six hours a day where the paint is pealing, and walls looked so gray.

On a brighter note, Haru was able to see some of her old kindergarten classmates at the initiation ceremony.  Except for Yuka, who wound up being in Haru’s class once again, the other former classmates were sorted into other classrooms.  But having Yuka in her classroom once again was a very positive thing, since the kids have been the best of friends for 3 years now.





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