It’s spring break -or at least it is for Haru.  For me , the 6:30AM to 4:30PM workdays still continue.   Haru will have about 2 weeks off until she starts the first grade.  It will be a new school with a new teacher and new friends.  She will be amongst strangers once again.  Not only will she be entering the first grade, she will also be in a new gymnastics class, and a new cheer leading class.  Everything will start off fresh and new, which can be daunting to some.

So, to make the transition a bit smoother, Haru has set up some play dates with her kindergarten friends.  Yesterday she spent the day at Kidzania with Sakura, one of her (now former) classmates.  Originally, Yuka (Haru’s personality twin and de facto rival), Sakura, and Haru were all suppose to go, but apparently Yuka was grounded by her father and could not go, so it was just Sakura and Haru.

Kidzania is a theme park that allows children to have a very realistic experience of being in various occupations within the workforce.   The children are given Kidzania money, which they keep in Kidzania bank, which has a real working ATM in which the children use a real ATM card to deposit and withdraw Kidzania money.

Within the Kidzania city, children can choose an occupation of their liking, and get first hand experience or what it would be like to do that job.  There is a Morinaga candy factory where children can make real Hi-Chew candy, or they can experience what it’s like to make a real MOS Burger hamburger.  Of if they don’t want to work in the private sector, they can choose to be firefighters or police men and women.  Haru and her gang of friends visited Kidzania not too long ago and had already done the Morinaga candy factory and the fire department.

The candy factory is one of, if not the most popular attraction, so you basically have to get there really really early, because they start limiting admission to the factory really early, and late arrivers simply don’t get in.  The other popular attraction is the modelling agency.  Haru has been wanting to do this for a long time, but not only do you have line up really early, you have to be at least six years old.  Now that Haru is six, she is able to experience what it’s like to dress up, walk down a runway, and even have her picture on the cover of  Kidzania magazine.

ANA flight attendant and a Kidzania police officer are some of the other occupations that Haru and Sakura participated in this time around. Overall, it was a good day for all.  Next up on the agenda is Luck Ski camp next week.  Given that Haru has never skied before, it’d be interesting on how she does.

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