Cheerleading Festival 2013

Last Sunday, Haru had her second third cheerleading event.  The last one was a while back so I can barely recall when it was.  This one was big!…REALLY BIG.  Basically cheerleaders of all levels and all ages gathered in Kawasaki last Sunday to demonstrate their amazing athletic feats.  Some teams were truly amazing to watch; it reminded me of the movie, Bring it On!

There were literally hundreds of cheerleaders from all of over Japan.  Some were really good; some ….not so much.  The good teams, the really good teams were simply amazing.  There was a lot of aerial stunts and throwing of people in the air -sometimes VERY high into the air.  It makes one wonder if anyone was ever seriously injured practicing these really complicated and difficult routines.  For me, the team that stood out the most was from Yokohama.  It was a small team of about 5 girls (the smallest team at the event), and they called themselves the Funky A’s.  Watching them made be almost forget that they were elementary age girls, because the routine was simply amazing.  If this was a competition, they would have won, or least come in a very close second.

Haru’s team, the Hearties Jr., are made up of of girls from pre-kindergarten age (like Haru) to upper elementary school age.  As a matter of fact, there were very few teams with cheerleaders older than elementary school age.  Haru is in the youngest class, so of course they don’t do overly complicated or difficult routines, but they do do some aerial stunts whenever they can.

I must say that I am very proud of Haru this time.  She performed admirably, and made very few noticeable mistakes.  She practiced at home a lot, and I one point I almost believed that she wasn’t going to be able to memorize the routine in time for the event, but she did.  But the one thing that I noticed is that Haru wasn’t nervous, and she did most of her routing with a smile on her face.  Some of her teammates looked nervous, some even frightened to be in front of a large audience of literally thousands of people.  So for someone who was on a stage with so many people in the audience, she did excellent and I was very proud.

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