Winter Concert

Haruka had her winter concert last week.  Unfortunately, due to my work  schedule, I wasn’t able go this year.  I was reassured by my wife that I didn’t miss much in that it was pretty much the same as the other concerts in the past.  Compared to past pictures, its very noticeable that Haru has grown a lot since her first year.  It doesn’t seem too long ago when Haru wasn’t allowed to ride Space Mountain at Disneyland because she didn’t meet the 102cm minimum height requirement.  Now she is inching up on 110cm.

Previous to the winter concert Haru and classmates did a little show at her kindergarten.  Haru had the very rare privilege of introducing her act.   We were all pretty worried that she would get nervous or maybe even forget her lines (even her speaking role was pretty short).  But she practiced her lines very diligently  at home every day and was able to say them without error.  She didn’t seem too nervous and even smiled as she said them.  Perhaps in her third year, she’ll be allowed more speaking roles.



Fast Tube by Casper


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