5 (part I)

Haruka turned five today, and to celebrate this big milestone, we’re spending two days at Tokyo Disney Resort.  Yesterday was the first day, and it rained ice cold rain for most of the day.  This made Haru’s asthma act up, so she was in somewhat of a bad mood all day despite being in one of her favorite places in the world.   She didn’t want to eat or have her picture taken.   After spending a day at Disney Sea, we came back to the hotel let her rest up before dinner.

We had dinner at one of my favorite places, The Blue Bayou, which is a restaurant that is actually a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  We used our 2-day park hopper pass to get into Disneyland, jumped on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (because the lines were really short) and had dinner.  Haru was still not in a very good mood and refused to eat any of her dinner.  We tried to cheer her up by offering to take her on the rides at Disneyland (even though we were due to spend the whole day there the next day), but she just wanted to go back to the hotel.

My wife wasn’t very happy about this.  We had the chance to get on all of the premium rides without as much as a 5-minute wait, since it was late in the evening on a cold and rainy weekday, not to mention the fireworks show, but Haru wasn’t having any of it.

This is the first time ever, where he left Disneyland without watching the fireworks.  We boarded the shuttle bus back to the  Ambassador Hotel, and there was very little conversation between any of us.  When we got to our room, my wife, who was thoroughly irritated with Haru for being, well…-a brat, put Haru to bed almost immediately.  Although I was a bit disappointed with not being able to get on the rides with lining up for an hour,  I was very exhausted and my feet were tired from walking all day, so it was somewhat of a blessing to be able to go back to a nice warm bed after walking in the cold and freezing rain.

We all woke up at around 6 AM this morning to prepare for breakfast with Mickey.  The weather, although colder was a lot sunnier with no chance of rain, so the outlook for the day looked much better.  Haru was also in a lot better mood, after all it was her 5th birthday and the presents we gave her seemed to have cheered her up a lot.  Hopefully the rest of the day goes well.




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