Bring it on!

August is FINALLY over!  I really despise August in Japan.  It’s hot, humid, boring, no holidays, and there are nasty bugs (especially cicadas) all over the place.  It’s definitely not one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s still quite hot in Japan, but it should be cooling down pretty soon.  Usually the weather becomes pretty mellow by the second or third week of September.

Haruka had her first cheer leading event last week -yes she four years old and she’s a cheer leader -not my idea, but she seems to enjoy it and having a lot fun with it, so no objections here.  The good part of her cheer leading class is that they also teach tumbling so it gives her an opportunity polish her somersaults, cart wheels, and other  tumbling moves.  Also, they seem to be more focused on limberness so they emphasize stretching a lot more than they do at her gymnastics class, so that’s a good thing as well.

Admittedly, I was pretty cynical  over the  whole idea of  Haruka doing cheer leading in the beginning.  It sounded really silly to me at first, because they don’t do competitions and I wanted Haruka to do competition sports.  Also, her cheer leading practices are on Thursdays, so I am not able go to any of her practices to watch her progress, so I wasn’t completely on board for any of this until I actually attended her first event.  It was clear that her cheer leading classes raise her concentration level as well as her coordination which is pretty important for gymnastics as well.  So overall, I was pretty pleased.








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