Perfect Form!

For the last several weeks since the Olympics, Haru has been practicing her cartwheels intensely everyday.  She would literally do tens maybe even hundreds of cartwheels a day in the living room, and sometimes even randomly outside or at a supermarket.  No doubt that she has even been practicing while at kindergarten as well.   I would always critique her on her form (legs not straight enough, follow through not strong enoughform is off center, etc.) and she has worked on them very intensely for weeks.  Now, she has perfect form.  She can now consistently do a perfect cartwheel.

Over the weekend, we took her to her gymnastics class as usual, and she performed her cartwheels before class on a padded mat with straight line on it, and her cartwheel was perfectly centered, which is a lot better than I could do when I was 15 years old.   It truly amazed at how she is able pick these thing up so quickly, considering that she just started gymnastics just few months ago.   But instead of being satisfied with her accomplishment, I gave her a new challenge.

While at gymnastics, I gave her credit, and told her that she is really good at cartwheels, but I told her time it was time to try a one-handed cartwheel.  At first, she shrugged and said that she couldn’t do it. I told her that she should never say she can’t do something without at least trying.  She then asked me to do it first.  Its been 20 years since I did a one-handed cartwheel, and I wasn’t even very good at it when I could do it.  But I figured that if I at least tried, she’ll try too.  I tried the one-handed cartwheel, and just barely pulled it off, but it impressed her enough to try it.

After a few stumbles and falling on her side, she managed to a one-handed cartwheel after a about 10 tries.  It wasn’t perfect, and does need work, but pretty impressive none the less.  I have yet to see anyone in her class able to do a one-handed cartwheel or even attempt it.  There are only few kids who can do a two-handed cartwheel and they are all older than Haru, she is doing very well.  By the time she is in elementary school, I think she’ll be able master some of the difficult moves.

Throughout the day, she kept practicing the one-handed cartwheel and manage to do it 3 or 4 more times.  I remember  when I was taking gymnastic in PE class in the seventh grade, how much I struggled with this.  It took me about a year of practicing to be able to do it once successfully, and Haru was able to do it after watching me stumble through it once.


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