Pirates and Princesses

It’s finally October and Halloween is approaching fast.  For those who have been following this blog, you’d know that Halloween is one of Haru’s favorite days of the year (second to only her birthday and X-mas).  She had been looking forward to it since the beginning of the year, and asked, is it Halloween yet? almost everyday for a while.   I’m still not quite sure why she likes Halloween so much, since she has never been trick or treating or attended a Halloween party.  She does love to get dressed up and wear different outfits so perhaps she is looking forward to doing that.As mentioned previously, this year we plan to take her to Disneyland, because Disneyland puts on a Halloween theme this time of year.  Personally, I prefer Disneyland’s X-mas theme more, but since we’ve done the X-mas theme so many times already, I guess we can try the Halloween theme this year.

Originally, I was going to buy Haru a Tinkerbell or Disney Princess costume so that she could wear it to Disneyland, but for some reason, she has lost complete interest in being a princess and prefers pirates now.  For the last week or two, she’s been talking a lot about Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean and how she wants to be like him.  Coincidentally, my mother had sent Haru a 17th century female pirate costume.  Before the costume arrived, I asked Haru if she’d like to be a pirate when she goes to Disneyland, and she’d responded, I’m a girl so I can’t be a pirate!  I want to Tinkerbell or Belle! (from Beauty and the Beast).  But when her pirate costume arrived last Sunday, she absolutely loved it and now wants to go to Disneyland as a pirate.  As a matter of fact, she loved it so much that she refused to take it off, and insisted on wearing the costume while watching Pirates of the Caribbean on TV.

Usually girls around Haru’s age like to get dressed up in princess costumes, put glitter and sparkles in their hair, and wear a little bit of make up when they go to Disneyland.  Fortunately, Tokyo Disneyland has banned adults from wearing full costumes otherwise we’d see much older women girls (some much much older) dressed up as princesses too… even when its not Halloween.  But adults are allowed to where some costume accessories like a pirate hat,or Mickey Mouse ears, etc.   I thought it might be fun to really dress Haru up and make her look really nice when we go.  So along with her costume, I am looking to buy her a pair of black boots with pink stitches and maybe even allow her to wear a little bit of make up and glitter.   Hopefully she’ll enjoy them.



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