Summer Days II

Technical issues have been resolved so I am back on track.  I’ve had to post publish entries because the database wasn’t working for a while but now things seem to be okay.  It’s mid-August now, and I have started my new job.  As I wrote earlier, my last job was just too much too handle.  I was working over 10 hours a day (because I had to), and had a difficult time trying to get a day off.  But the biggest deal breaker was the fact that I had to do the jobs of several different people.  So I was literally working four full time jobs and only receiving the salary of one person.  A colleague of mine, whom I became pretty close with while I was with my last company was in the same situation.  Sometimes I would arrive at work at 7AM to try to get a head start so that I could leave at a reasonable hour, and he would already be at the office before me.  Sometimes, I would be at work at 9 or 10pm at night, and find that he’d still be at his desk still working when I leave for home.  He eventually resigned before I did, and I totally don’t blame him.  In the same month that I left, 4 other people resigned.

I’ve been at my new company for 2 weeks now, and its been a billion times better!   The workload is lighter and my salary is higher than before.  I even have staff below me to help out, so its been really nice so far.  But best of all, I get to go home at a reasonable hour.


Haru’s cousin Misaki was here a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently he was having a very boring summer at home because his summer activities were canceled because of a political conflict among the his team’s coaches.  I found that to be really sad.  Kids shouldn’t have the endure the responsibility over adult issues.  But it happened none the less, so we invited him to spend a few days with us so that he can at least tell his friends that he had some fun over the summer when he returns to school.

I was very impressed with Misaki.  For a ten year old boy, he seemed to be very mature for his age and was very polite.  He’s  very talkative so he’s a very good travel companion for Haru.  We had already been planning to take Haruka to Disney Sea before there were talks of Misaki coming to visit us, so it was perfect timing in that respect because I am sure that Haru would have more fun if someone closer to her age joins us.   We also decided to take him to other places we thought he’d enjoy, like the Toshiba Science Lab in Kawasaki, and the Yokohama Ramen Museum.  Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun during the week Misaki was here.  Even Misaki’s older brother, who called a couple of times, seemed to have envied Misaki because he was having so much fun.  Hopefully we can have him up again soon.







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Fast Tube by Casper


Fast Tube by Casper



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