Summer Days Part I

Haru’s summer break officially started, and I have decided to spend some time with her over the next two weeks until my new job starts, and to also make up for the last six months that I was unable to spend enough time with her due to my hectic work schedule. We’re planning to go to Disney Sea as well as some places where little kids can enjoy. Also, Haru just ended her 3 day swim class trial. She seemed to enjoy it but she said that she isn’t interesting in enrolling in the full class. In a way, I am glad, because I personally think she’d do a lot better doing gymnastics. She has a lot of upper body strength for a kid her age, so I think she’d do really well.

Next week, Haru’s 10 year old cousin, Misaki will be visiting from Yamaguchi for a week. It’s good timing because we were planning to take Haru to Disney Sea, this will be a lot of fun for both of them. We’ve even managed to get a reservation at Chef Mickey, where we had dinner with the Disney cast on Haru’s second birthday.

OT:Technical Issues

Technical Difficulties

I experienced some technical issues with the blog server again.  When I upgraded the software, it apparently wanted me to upgrade EVERYTHING including the blog database, which I had never done before.  Well to say the least, thing nearly went really bad when nothing worked after the upgrade.  To make things worse, I couldn’t go back to the old version so I was pretty much committed to trying to get everything working again on the new blog software.  After several hours and several failed attempts, I was tempted to just rebuild the whole thing from scratch.  Luckily, my final attempt was successful and I was able to get everything running again on the new software.


Today, Haru took a drive in her shiny red electric Mini Cooper.  This is the first time we took it outside since I got it for her on her second birthday.  Up until then, she had been driving it around the house bumping into walls and furniture, and nearly running over the dogs on a couple of occasions.  Today she had the courage to drive it to the nearby shrine where she played for a while and then drove it back.

Next week will be summer break for Haru’s kindergarten, so she will be home everyday for a month or so.  I will also take a couple of weeks off in preparation to start my new job next month.  Yes, I am changing jobs again.  Work/life balance was non-existent at this company and the management was not listening for my cries for help.  I literally have several gray hairs from the intense stress I’ve been put under in the last six months, and was working more than 12 hours a day doing the job of 4 people.  So, I am done with slave labor and its time to move on.

Right now, I’ve got three offers from different companies and I am being extremely careful as to which one I work for.  I’ve already decided that one of them is completely out of the question, so it’s really between two companies at the moment.  Very difficult to decide, so I hope I make the right decision this time.