A Day at Mother’s Farm

Today, we went to Mother’s Farm in Chiba prefecture.  Haru has been wanting to go to the local zoo for a while now but I thought it would be better to go to a farm, so that she could experience actually interacting with the animals, rather than just looking at them from behind a fence or glass.

The weather was perfect, about 70 degrees with a slight breeze.  It got a bit cold in the late afternoon, but was still good none the less.  Mother’s Farm is also an amusement park with some really crude and mediocre rides. But since all of the rides are “pay per ride” like an old school carnival or county fair, as opposed being included in the price of admission like a proper amusement park, we tried to keep away from the amusement park area.  A family of three could easily spend more on rides at Mother’s Farm than a whole day at Disneyland.

We managed to make it down to the farm area where there’s a lot of farm animals like cows, goats, pigs, horses, and rabbits.  The horses immediately caught Haru’s attention, so got in line to let Haru take a short stroll on a horse.   She seemed to like it a lot, and it cost about the same as a 3 minute ride on the merrie-go-round, so it was well worth the money.

Next, we went over to the stables where people were allowed to experience milking cows.  Haru didn’t particularly like this.  I think she was bit afraid of the bigger cows, but she liked the smaller calves, and fed them grass.  There was one particular calf that had really big eyes and a really cute face.

After milking the cows, we had some ice cream at the dairy farm.  Being made with  really fresh milk, it was really good.


Later, we went to go watch the baby pig races.  They chose twenty little kids out of the audience to participate in the races.  Basically, the kids would push their little pigs around the track to the finish line/  If the pig wins, then the kid gets a gold medal.  Haru’s pig needed no help around the track. It was clearly the fastest and it won the race, hence Haru got to stand on stage and receive her gold medal.  I don’t think she understood why she won, but she seemed to be happy none the less.

It was a pretty tiring day and Haru slept most of the trip back.  She seemed to enjoy the day and said that she wanted to go again, so that’s a good sign that she enjoyed the day.






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