Yesterday, I finally got a day off from work. It was the first day off since I joined this company and the first day off in what it seem to be ages.  I cannot even begin to articulate how much I needed a day away from work.  Unfortunately, its not without cost, because I now have to work next Saturday to make up for it.

At any rate, it was Haruka’s kindergarten initiation day.  She got to wear her uniform for the first time and see all of the other children as well.  I was expecting an emotional out pour of “I don’t want to go’s”, and “please don’t leave me’s”, but Haru has a real trooper.  While a lot the other children cried and threw tantrums when separated from their parents, Haruka kept her spirits well, and even managed to try to cheer up the other kids.   Her classmate and neighbor, Yuka  in particular had a real hard time adjusting to the changes and often needed her father nearby to give her moral support.  Haru even tried helping by standing by Yuka’s desk and cheering her up.

The one and probably only thing that really annoyed me about the school is how little control the teachers had over the children, especially Haru’s teacher.  After stuffing all 30 kindergartners in small cramped room with their parents (some even came with their grandparents -which I thought was absolutely preposterous and unnecessary considering that it just an initiation), Haru’s  teacher absolutely bored all of us to quite literally to tears reading a handwritten announcement about milk being served.  The children had already spent most of the morning listening to an incredibly boring speech by the head master, and paraded in and out the auditorium to take pictures and do what I thought to be other highly unnecessary things.   By this point, 3 hours have passed, the children were getting irritable and hungry and so was I, and yet we had to endure the torture of listening this twenty-something girly teacher in pigtails ramble on and on forever.  Haru had been good and even supportive to others all day, but by this point she couldn’t take it anymore and broke down in tears.  I was getting frustrated; I’m sure other parents were too, as this woman completely ignore the fact that there were 30 three-old’s in her class who were completely bored out their wits screaming to get out an release pent up energy.

I was starting to lose faith that this teacher was going to be any good for these kids.  She was completely out of touch and pretty much ignoring everyone except the sound of her own voice.  But I suppose she’d change (I hope) once school starts up on Monday.  We’ll just have to see.

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