OT:New Camera!

After nearly two weeks without a camera, the new camera finally arrived.  I was a picky this time, because I am not exaggerating when I say how much I loved my old Canon Ixy 1000.  I didn’t want to replace with just anything, not even another newer Ixy.  The newer models oddly enough have LESS functions than the older ones.  I guess the whole idea is to sell less complicated cameras,so  that the majority of the public can use them easily.  Unfortunately, something that is just point and shoot is not enough for me.  I like some degree of manual control so that I can manipulate the photograph. But nowadays, most of the cameras being sold are pretty dumbed down so anyone can use them.

The Ixy 1000 that we’d been using for the last 3 and half years was nice in that it had fully automatic point and shoot mode, and a manual mode where I can control lighting through ISO settings, etc so that I could take pictures without using the flash (even dark areas).  The newer cameras always try to select the right settings for you automatically  so that you get a good picture, but often times turn out to look like an amateur took the picture.

Through my research, I found that Canon’s Ixy 3000IS is the last model that Canon made that featured a fully manual mode.  Nowadays, if you need a camera where you want to be able to control light settings, you would have to buy a DSLR camera.  I don’t mind DSLR’s but they are a bit big and cumbersome to carry for little trips here and there.  Also, it takes too much care, as you have to disassemble lens and and body, clean them, and store them separately so that they don’t collect dust and scratches, or even break. With Haru around, that’s pretty tough.

I looked all over for the Ixy 3000IS, but they were last sold in 2008, and have somewhat become a rare and premium item in Japan.  Even the used ones are being sold over retail price.  And of course, the electronics shops only carry the latest cameras, so it’s impossible to find the 2 year old model in brand new condition.

My only options at this point were to either settle with what is available on the market today, or scour the world wide web for an Ixy 3000IS in brand new condition.  I chose the latter.  In the UK, the 3000IS goes by Ixus SD990IS and int eh US, it goes by PowerShot SD990IS; I guess western countries don’t like the name Ixy…I wonder why.

I noticed that both the US and UK also carry high premiums due to the rarity of this camera. In the States, I have seen them go for as high as $1000.  The retail price is only $399.  In the UK, the price is a bit more reasonable -about 320BP.  I lucked out and found one I the States in brand new condition for $290 (over $100 off the retail price), so I ordered it right away.

So far, I have had for less than a week and its quite nice.  It’s a bit more complicated than the Ixy 1000, but its a lot more reactive and faster.  Except for the two photos of the cameras (which I took with my iPhone), I took the rest with my new camera.

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Not a good week for electronics

This week was not a good week for electronic equipment in our household.  It all started with our digital camera.  The LCD display decided it didn’t want to work anymore.  We were still able to take pictures with it -that’s is until a couple of days later when it decided to give out completely.  So we’re in the process of getting another camera, but it’s not as easy as you may think.  You see…we had our beloved Canon Ixy for nearly four years now.  Almost every picture and video in this blog was taken with our Canon, so it had some sentimental value for me.  I also knew how to take fairly good pictures with it so it’ll be difficult to replace.

A few days later, the hard drive in my blog server died..AGAIN!!!  This is the third hard drive this year!  I figured that it’s got something to do with the heat.  It’s been hot all summer, and heat is never good for any machinery. Today, we went to the local computer shop and picked up another hard drive, and a case with a cooling fan. Luckily, I had backed up everything previously (lessons learned from the last crash), and was able to get everything back within an hour.

We also had some difficulties with our home router, but a simple reboot cured that.

In addition to the new hard drive for my blog server, we also bought a new bicycle, but this isn’t just any bicycle, this is an electrical motor assisted bicycle.  It’s mainly for my wife, as I will probably never ride it, but I did take a few spins around the block with it, and it felt weird when the motor kicked in.

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