Getting ready for 7-5-3

In Japan there is an old tradition that originated back to the Heian Era called Shichi-Go-San, which literally means “seven, five, and three”  in English.  Basically, Shichi-Go-San is a celebration of the rite to passage for girls who are 3 and 7 years old, and for boys who are 5 years old.  Since Haru will be turning three in November , she will participating in the tradition this year.

So what we do do during this tradition?  Apparently, nothing too spectacular.   The children usually get dressed up in a kimono, and get their pictures taken.  Some families may even have a lavish dinner at home or at a restaurant, while the child wears the kimono.  We’ll probably just wind up going over to my grandmother’s house to show off Haru in her kimono, have dinner and call it a day.  Of course, we’ll also have pictures taken professionally to mark the occasion.

So today, we went to the local department store to try on some kimonos.  In the process, we quickly realized that Haru doesn’t look too good in pink…or perhaps the pink kimono she tried on wasn’t very good.  At any rate, we chose the red one, which she’ll be wearing in November whens he celebrates her Shichi-Go-San.

End of Summer

Summer is finally coming to an end. Having said that, the weather in Japan has cooled only slightly. It’s still uncomfortably hot at night so, we still sleep with the air conditioning on, but the morning are quite nice.

Haruka is continuing to develop her English skills quite nicely.   and she continues to pick up new words and even whole phrases on a daily basis.   She also seems to enjoy watching TV in English more than Japanese now.    Her interest in TV shows center mostly around the Disney Channel, but she doesn’t watch any of the cartoons.    Instead, she enjoys the TV shows that are generally geared for preteen girls like Hannah Montana and The Sweet Life.  I am not sure what attracts her to these particular shows, but she’ll  sit through and watch the shows from beginning to end.  There are only a handful of TV shows that keep her attention that long.  I think that it’s probably because of the really bright colors that they use on the sets, as well as the bright colored clothes that the characters wear in the show.  I also believe that because of these shows, Haruka is developing an interest in fashion.   Before, she was a lot like me, and wore whatever was available, or in her case, whatever my wife dresses her in.  Nowadays, she’s become somewhat fashion conscience, and chooses her own clothes.  She seems to like bright clothes, or sparkly clothes like the people in her TV shows wear.

In addition to the clothes, she has expressed an interest in wearing earrings.  While we were in the States, Haru saw what looked like a preteen girl getting her ears pierced, and she has been asking to get her ears pierced every since.  She’s not even 3 years old yet, and she’s already asking about getting her ears pierced.  I have a feeling this is a foreshadowing for perhaps a very difficult teenage girl.  When Haru was only a couple of months old, we thought about taking her to get her ears pierced. It’s a good time, because has no control of her arms so there is no fear of her touching her ears and getting them infected.   But unlike the States,  ear piercing for babies is not too common in Japan, and so most salons won’t do it and recommend that it get done in a hospital or a clinic.  Now that Haru is almost 3 years old and has full control of her hands, we figured that it may not be a good idea to get them pierced because she might play with her ears and infect them.  In the meantime, we looked for clip-ons that she could wear on special occasions, but knowing Haru, she’ll want to wear them all of the time, and my wife was concerned that they may hurt her ears.  So a parental decision was made to hold off on earrings for a while.

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