It has been three weeks since our return from the States, and life is slowly returning back to normal.  It took a while for Haruka to recover from her jet lag.  For a while, she would get really irritable and drowsy in the early evening and eventually fall asleep.  This of course translated into getting up really early too.  But I guess that’s just the residual affects of traveling over seas.

For me, life returned back to normal the very next Monday, when I had to face the reality of going back to work.  But I must admit that I found myself day dreaming of the two short weeks I spent on vacation.  I am not sure why, because it’s not as if I had a spectacular time.  Most of my time was spent just doing things I would do at home, like watching TV or surfing the web.  But I guess just being away from the rat race, is enough for me to enjoy myself.

Haruka’s English is continuing to improve.  Her vocabulary continues to expand and she understands a lot more that she did before she her trip to the States, so in my opinion, this whole trip was worth it.  This also motivates me to teach her more, so lately, I have been speaking to her in mostly English.  And for the most part, even though she responds in Japanese most of the time, she does seem to understand what I am saying.  Moreover she is able to identify words or even full sentences in some of the American TV shows she watches on cable TV.

Another good thing that came out of all of this is that Haru no longer wears diapers during the day.  She has been wearing her Dora the Explorer underwear that we bought her while we were in the States.  In the beginning, she had a couple of misses, but I think she quickly understood that she can’t make in her pants anymore, so now when she need to use the bathroom, she says “pee pee” or “poo poo”.  She has been near perfect for 2 weeks now.   She only uses diapers at night now, but so far her diaper has not been soiled for nearly 2 weeks, so she may be completely diaper free in a week or so.

Haru and Molly

Wide Awake

It’s 2:49AM and I am wide I awake.  I have to be at work in a few hours so there is no point in trying to get back to sleep.  As predicted, Haruka slept for the majority of the afternoon, woke up for a couple of hours, and went back to sleep again.  She’ll probably wake up in a couple of hours or so.

I was doing well with trying to keep myself awake until about 6PM -that’s when I eventually fell asleep, and didn’t wake up until about 1AM; I’ve been awake since.  The heat isn’t helping either.  It’s about 30 degrees Celsius at 90 percent humidity. I have the air conditioning running full  blast in the bedroom to make it a bit more comfortable, but it isn’t helping me at all.

I suppose I should try to another attempt at sleeping, but I already know its not going to work. And just I write this, Haru wakes up….so much for sleep….

Random Videos:

Jet Lagged

We return from the States a couple of days ago and we are a pretty much jet lagged.   The strange thing is is that I usually don’t get jet lagged when returning to Japan.  Haruka pretty much slept for the majority of the plane trip back, and throughout the two hour drive from the airport.  By the time we got back to Yokohama, she was charged up and ready to go; I was extremely exhausted and ready for bed, but we all know who wins in situations like this.

Haruka did eventually get to sleep, but not for long.  She woke us all up at around 4AM, and wanted all of us up.  I was not charged up yet, but of course, I had to get up.  We were all up for the majority of the morning until exhaustion overcame all of us and we all fell asleep at around noon (including Haruka).  This was bad -very bad.  I slept until about 6PM, but Haruka refused to wake up.  She slept until about 8PM or so, and  wasn’t really interested in eating dinner at all.   This is probably due to the fact that she ate a whole bunch of junk food in the morning.  She had a couple of bites of dinner and was energetic once again.  I was pretty much wide awake myself and wasn’t ready for bed…so I thought.  At about 10PM, I was out like a light again.  Haruka and my wife eventually woke me up at around 12:40AM to move me up to the bedroom, which wasn’t a good move, because once I was awake, I stayed awake.  As a matter of fact, it’s 7:33am now, and I have yet to sleep.  Haruka woke my wife up again at around 4:30AM, because she was hungry.  Hopefully this all subsides soon because I have to be at work tomorrow AM.  I already feel sleepy, Haruka just had her bath and full of energy, which I suspect will last until about 1PM, when she’ll probably feel sleepy again and sleep the entire afternoon.  This is one thing I don’t like about traveling overseas.  I really does screw you up.

Random pics from our vacation:

more water fountain

Haruka and grandma

random squirrels in the back yard


Stone Mountain laser show

Stone Mountain laser show

Stone Mountain laser show

Haruka, Danielle, and Marissa

Stone Mountain laser show

Stone Mountain laser show

at Trader Joes again

bye bye Atlanta

last trip in the car

getting ready for take off

getting ready for take off

shortly after take off