OT:Lost And Found

We all returned from Hokkaido last Saturday only to find a lot things in state of disarray around the house. The bedroom clock was not working, the downstairs hallway light bulb was burnt out, the wireless router wasn’t working right, the battery was dead in one of our cars, and there was a deteriorating carcass of a dead cat in our garage. I could have lived with all of this (yes..even the rotting dead cat), but the one thing that gave me the biggest headache was to find my blog server that I had been meticulously updating for the last 3 years, completely dead. All I saw was a black screen and the ticking sound of a dying hard drive…sigh.

I tried everything short of giving the server CPR to try revive hard drive, but it was no good. I did order a replacement PCB (printed circuit board) for the hard drive in the hopes that it may come back to life if I did some old fashioned engineering work on it. But from what I read, there is less than a 30% chance of recovery. The last alternative is to take the hard drive to a data recovery center to have it physically dismantled and try to recover the data off of each individual plates, but this can be a very expensive process. I had to think; is it really worth the 2000 US dollars it would take to recover my random ramblings of Haruka’s childhood? I then got to thinking how unique this blog really is. I have actually been documenting Haru’s childhood every since she was a 4 week old embryo. How many other fathers in the world are that dedicated to their kids?

I then remembered that the server that was being used was a replica of an older server that I had been using the previous year, and that the original server was kept in storage just in case. so I dug through all of my junk and wiped off the dust and cob webs off of the old server (quite literally), and fired her up after a long year and a half hibernation in the hopes that I could recover some data. After bringing the server back online, it became very noticeable that everything was out of date. The server software was old, and the last entry I had made was when Haruka just turned 11 months old…more sighs.

A bit discouraged but still hopeful, I spent the next several hours trying to bring the software up to date. At that moment, I realized that I had setup the dead server to send me an email of every entry I made on the blog. I checked my email archives, and lo and behold I found the most recent entries, and archives dating back as far as September 2009. Unfortunately, entries from October 2008 to September 2009 have yet to be found. I lost about 1 year’s worth of Haru’s childhood (which is quite a lot considering is only 2 and half now) but at least I got something back, and I still have the hard disk which is always recoverable (if I pay the price). Hopefully I can find a data recovery lab in the States this summer that can do it for a lot less. Or maybe it’ll be like the lost book of Judas from the bible; a blank in history which is to be recovered sometime way in the future. Until then, it will become a somewhat of a time capsule.

At any rate, the backup server is up and functional for now. I won’t be able to update this as much as I’d like because the main reason that I retired this machine in the first place is that it’s running out of free space on its hard drive. So unless I can recover the old server or upgrade its capacity (which I will do), I will have to be careful with how I use this.

Here are some pics (and lots of them) from golden week last week in Hokkaido:

Trying to figure out her paper airplane

playing on the swings at the park

enjoying the Hokkaido sausages

at a ranch in Hokkaido

at a ranch in Hokkaido

having lunch at a ranch in Hokkaido

Haru and the peacocks

Haru and the ducks




guinea pigs

posing in front of the Pokemon plane which we flew on from Hokkaido

Playing with the big tall dog at the outlet mall

Haru and the penguin

the big tube

all excited about going to the zoo

at the aquarium in Otaru, Hokkaido

using a regular pair of chopsticks

using a regular pair of chopsticks

Being mischievous (as usual)

enjoying lunch