Better Times

I returned to Hokkaido last Thursday.  While on the flight over, I experienced some light headedness, so I went to the rest room thinking that it may have been slight motion sickness.  I’ve never experienced motion sickness on a board a plane before, so it was a bit strange.

I went to the restroom, but i didn’t vomit or anything, but just by standing up and walking around a bit, I felt much better.  Perhaps it was because I didn’t much sleep the night before, because Haru had woken up several times.

When I arrived at the airport, my sickness went away as if it never happened, so I went to work as usual from there.  At about 3PM, I started to feel a bit dizzy again, so I walked around the airport a bit to try to shake it off.  It seemed to have worked.  Not sure what was wrong with me, I continued to work until about 4:30pm, when all of a sudden I got the very sharp pain down my back and had some trouble breathing from it.  I walked around the office again and the pain eventually went away.  I didn’t want to take any chances, that I may have gotten Pneumonia from Haru, so I went to the airport clinic to get an examination.

On the way there, I had to walk in freezing weather from the International Terminal (where my office is) to the domestic terminal.  The pain that was in my back spread to my head and I started hearing a sharp ringing sensation in my ear.  I though I was going to pass out, but I managed to make it the clinic.  Luckily, I was the only patient so I didn’t have to wait at all.

They took my temperature and some mucous samples from my nose.  I had a fever (38.5℃), but they determined that I ‘probably’ don’t have influenza.  Other than one time I had the sharp pain in my back, I didn’t have any problems breathing…so probably not pneumonia(?)…  They gave a whole bunch of medication (as Japanese hospitals usually do) finished my work and went home.

I took Friday off from work.  My cough had gotten worse, but the fever wasn’t as bad (37.3℃).  I bought some throat lozenges from the drug store across the street from by apartment and they helped with the pain in my throat.  I also took the medication given to me by the clinic everyday as instructed.

Now its Saturday evening.  My fever is down to 37.7℃. My sore throat is a bit better, but my head hurts and I can’t stand up for a long period of time without feeling light headed.  I was able to muster up enough energy to go to the drug store again and buy a whole bunch of orange and apple juice.  Since the clinics and hospitals are closed tomorrow, I have no choice but to wait until Monday to go back.  Hopefully my condition improves by then.

Better Times

I wanted to post these pictures up a long time ago, but since everyone (including myself now) are sick, I hadn’t had the change to.  These are pics of Haru when she was in Hokkaido a couple weeks ago:

playing at the children’s park in Shin-Sapporo

rolling on the snow

peeking from my bed

playing at the nearby mall

playing at the nearby mall

playing at the nearby mall

posing for the camera

posing for the camera


We took Haru to the hospital yesterday, and were relieved to hear that Haru is making a recovery.  Today was the last day of using antibiotics to kill of the infection.  Now she is using just regular cold medication to help her breathe better and relieve her from her cough.

at the doctor’s office having her nose cleaned

Haru always hates going to see the doctor and yesterday was no different.  The nurse used this machine to such out all of the mucous out of her nose so that she could breathe better.  As you could imagine, she absolutely hated that machine and put up quite a fight.

Medusa hair

Afterwards, we all went home, and Haru had lunch and short nap.  Since she hadn’t had her hair washed in almost a week, her hair was really oily and tangled despite my wife’s efforts in trying to keep it in line with a hair band.  It made for an interesting beehive hairdo.

happy to be on the road to recovery

Haru’s fever went down significantly and hasn’t returned.  He was in very good spirits today (except for the morning when she is her usual grouchy self).  She had her first bath in 5 days and her hair de-tangled.

Pneumonia part II

Today was a better day in terms of Haruka’s recovery from Pneumonia.  The symptoms are still pretty fierce and her cough is still pretty bad, but her fever stayed below 37 ℃ for the majority of the day.  It seems that her fever still  goes up at around 5pm, but it’s not as high as it was last night (just below 38℃).

She’s regained some of her appetite, but refuses to eat some foods because it seems to hurt her throat when she swallows, so we try to give her only soft foods and liquids.  She seems to prefer eating udon or onigiri.

Haru enjoying her udon

She’s on three medications.  One is an antibiotic, which we mix with orange or apple juice to help her drink it.  The other is a cough suppressant (which I don’t think works too well), but she likes the taste of it, so she’ll happily drink it without complaints.  The last of three medications, helps keep the infection from spreading in her lungs.  It’s pretty bitter so she refuses to take it.  And unlike the antibiotic, we cannot mix it with any juices to help kill the bitter taste.  So today, I went to the drug store and picked up some chocolate flavored jelly that’s made for the purpose of mixing with bitter medication so children will take the medication.  Unfortunately, Haru is too smart and pointed to the little powdery substance that was floating on top of the jelly and said “iyada! kusuri haitteru!” (no, there’s medicine in it), before we could get her to even take one mouthful of it.

another picture of her udon

For the most part, Haru was in good spirits for most of the day. She played with some of her toys, watched TV, and read some of her books.  But there were times when she was absolutely miserable and cried, and wanted to be held all of the time.  It was mostly when her fever was high, so we put her to bed at those times.

playing around with my hat

Tomorrow, we’ll take Haru to the hospital to see how well her recovery is going.  I wish the hospital would just give her a shot of antibiotics instead of oral medication.  But perhaps, the shots are too strong for her.