Its been a while (over a month now) since my last entry.  I must say that December has been a quite a busy month for me.  I was told that I might have to spend the next several months up in Hokkaido to manage a project installing a centralized airport management system for the new international terminal for Chitose International Airport.  Project-wise, it sounds interesting, but I am not too thrilled over the idea of having to spending the coldest months up in the coldest parts of Japan away from my family for the next few months.

We finally retired Haruka’s crib last weekend.  In reality, Haruka’s crib had been retired for that last few months now, as she refuses to sleep in it anymore.  Even if we put her in her crib while she was asleep, she’d just crawl out of it in the middle of the night and crawl into bed with us.  Coincidentally, a couple of coworkers of mine are expecting a boy next month, so it was a good opportunity to officially retire the crib, so we decided to give it away to a good cause.

With Haruka’s crib out of the way, it was time to seriously consider furnishing Haru’s bedroom with a new bed, so we decided to go to Ikea (a Swedish furniture store) to look into some beds for Haru’s room.  It was a bit windy and cold yesterday, and since a lot of people had the day off in Japan, the store was pretty crowded with parents and kids.  Unfortunately, in Japan people have the tendency to take their kids out, or go out themselves when they are sick.  I had been  trying desperately not to get sick or get my family sick by taking preventative measures like wearing a mask and washing my hands frequently.  But it all turn out to be in vain because Haru wound up becoming sick in the end.

She was quite normal when we got home last night. She even had a good appetite, and fell asleep normally, without much fuss. But then, she woke up several times in the middle of the night vomiting violently, and crying hysterically.   My first instinct was to rush her into the emergency room, but after some thought, I came to the conclusion that taking her to ER would not be a good idea for two reasons:

  • The doctors probably won’t do much other than tell us what we already know, and try to boost their revenue by loading us down with a lot of unnecessary drugs that don’t do much.
  • Haru might get worse from taking her outside in the middle of the night, or get infected with some other disease at the hospital.

So we decided to just watch her carefully for the night and make her as comfortable as possible.  However, in the act of caring for Haruka’s illness, my wife and I both lost a night’s sleep.

By the morning, Haruka seemed to improve a bit.  She was still vomiting, but not as much and as intensely as she did last night.  She had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, which seemed to have made some more improvements.  By the night she seemed to have made some substantial improvement, but she did throw up again before she went to sleep.  For now, we are just trying to keep her hydrated with sports drinks, in the hopes that she’ll fully recover by tomorrow.  I think she’ll be okay the morning.

Haruka and friends

On our way for Haru’s first shinkansen ride.


at Odawara Castle

Odawara castle

Saying hello to the camera

The 80 yen teacup ride at Odawara park

Afternoon nap