Playtime then Bedtime

Haru has always been difficult to put to sleep. On some nights, she’s so full of energy that it takes an hour or more of just trying to get her to sleep. So, for the last couple of nights, we tried tiring her out by letting her run around the house and bounce off of furniture, until she gets tired. In the past, we’ve tried this with moderate success, until we noticed that she’d be so pumped up full adrenaline that it resulted in the reverse affect. But last night, she fell asleep relatively quickly so it may be good time to revisit this strategy.

Her favorite activity is to jump off of things, so we let her jump off of a small card table several times. We even tossed around a ball. She seemed to enjoy it but it also tired us out too. So at least for the next few nights, we probably give this a go, until it doesn’t work anymore.

Haruka in pigtails

Terrible Two’s

For the last few weeks or so, Haru has been showing signs of the terrible two’s. Most of the times, she’s not that bad, but there are times when she makes me miss the colicky days. Last night was one of those days. He spell of the terrible two’s usually comes around dinner time.

Up until now, she hasn’t been too particular about what she eats, but lately she has been very picky. But the strange thing is that she is picky only at dinner time. It wouldn’t be so bad if she just refuses to eat some things, but Haru has been developing a bad habit of chewing her food, then spitting it out. The she would ask for more. And of course we would refuse it, and then she would throw a tantrum. Furthermore, when she throws a tantrum, she usually crawls into my wife’s lap, making it difficult for her to eat dinner.

Well, last night I decided to introduce some discipline into her life. When she threw her usual tantrum, I pulled her away from the dinner table and into the next room and made her sit down in front of me and face me until she stopped crying. It took a few minutes, but eventually she stopped crying. After that I basically told her that she had a choice of either sitting down at the dinner table and eating her food, or going to bed. She seemed to understand me, because she said she wanted to go to bed. She had a quite an eventful day yesterday, so it could be that she was just sleepy.

One other factor that indicates signs of the terrible two’s, is the constant need for attention. An example of this, is when my wife and I try to hold a conversation without including her. She like to interrupt often and when ignore her, she tries to talk over us by talking louder. Sometime it can be very annoying.

Studying up on the terrible two’s, it seems that Haruka’s symptoms are pretty mild compared to how bad they can really get. But of course, Haru is not two years old yet, so it is very possible, and even highly likely that she’ll get worse before she gets better. But, I see this as proof that she is growing, because without the terrible two’s it could be signs that she is not developing intellectually or emotionally. Its their way of testing the water and kicking the tires on her her new “skills”.

Below is a video of Haruka on the trampoline on the roof of Tokyu department store: