Smart girls

Last weekend we took Haruka to a little amusement park on the roof of Tokyu department store in Kamata. It was one of favorite places to go when I was a kid, so I’ve been wanting to take Haruka there every since before she was even born. Since we were going to visit my grandmother’s house anyways, it was a good excuse to go there.

Way back when I was kid, the little kiddy rides where only like 10 or 20 yen (10 to 20 cents) a ride. Nowadays, it’s 200 and 300 yen (about 2 to 3 US dollars). This is just to putt around on the back of an electric powered plastic cartoon character for three minutes. I use to go there every time I visited my grandparents’ house until I was about 12 years, because they also have little kid’s games where you can win things like little toys or candy. And as far as I can remember, it had always been in the 10 to 20 yen range, so I was pretty shocked to see the affects of inflation over time.

Haruka’s favorite attraction seemed to me the inflatable trampoline. Since she was so small, they allow me to go in with her for no extra charge. Admittedly I also had fun hoping around in the vinyl clad room like a little kid. But mostly, it was fun watching Haru have fun.

Afterwards, we bought some lunch at the supermarket in the basement floor, and headed to my grandmother’s house. Unlike the last time, Haru seemed to remember my grandmother because she didn’t act so shy.  She immediately jumped up upon the sofa and jumped up and down.  Eventually, I had to pull her off.

Later, my cousins and their kids showed up.  All the kids played together and seemed to get along fine.  Unlike the last time, Haru and Karin seemed to really hit it off.  They tossed a ball back and forth and even shared a snack together.  After a while, we realized how much more advanced and smarter the girls were compared to the boys.  Karin especially had a much bigger vocabulary than my cousin’s three year old, and seemed to be much more aware of what’s going on around her.  We also realized how much of a tom boy Haru is compared to Karin.  She seems to act and play much harder and so much more like a boy.  It’ll be interesting to see whether or not she’ll grow out of that, or if she’ll maintain her boyish personality within a year’s time.

Testing out a ride at the amusement park


Trying out the train ride

Sharing a snack and a seat with Karin

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Playing Like the Big Kids

This week is silver week in Japan, so the majority of the population is on holiday until Wednesday.  Usually during these long breaks, people travel or go to places like museums or zoos, so they’re usually jammed packed full of people.  This is hardly ever fun for the person who has to wade through miles of traffic to get back home, so decided to just do the “normal” thing and go to the park.  So yesterday, we took Haruka and the dogs to the park.

Haruka loves the slide, but this park only had one big slide.  And on the side of it, there was a big red side that read “for kids 6 to 12 years old”.  Haruka was clearly out of the allowable age range, so went to the other side of the park, sat in the grass, and thew around Haruka’s Anpanman ball.  Although it wasn’t much of a frill or thrill, it was better than just sitting at home doing nothing.  Haruka seemed enjoy it and so did the dogs.

After about of just sitting in the grass, we decided to walk back to where the slides were.  Haruka really wanted slide down the big slide but I was a bit worried that it may be too much for her.  But then I noticed that most of the kids on the slide were much younger than the recommended age range printed on the big red sticker, so I picked Haru up and put her in the line with the other kids.   There were some kids that were about Haru’s age on the slide too, but they looked too scared to go down by themselves, so they would slide down while sitting in the mother or father’s lap.  But before I could retrieve Haru, she was already at the top of the slide and next in line to slide down.  Amazingly, she just sat down and fearlessly slid down like the other kids with a big smile on her face.

Once she reached the bottom she would scream “again! again!”  Since the ladder to the slide was at the top of a pretty steep hill, I had to carry her up the hill and placed her at the bottom of the ladder at first, but after a few times, she figured out how to climb the hill and get in line herself.  I was pretty amazed, because Haru did not look like a 22 month old.  She fit right in with the big kids, while the other little kids of Haruka’s age or even slightly older clung onto the parent’s.

Playing with her Anpanman ball

Rolling in the grass

Jumping off of a rock

Playing with Princess

Sliding down the big slide

Sliding down the big slide

the video:

A video of yesterday’s activities

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Two dogs and a little girl

To say that Haruka is addicted to watching Annie is a major understatement.  She watches this movie sometimes up to three times a day which is driving all of us crazy.  As much as I like this movie, once a day is more than enough me.  Once a week is even more than enough.  But as much as I hate to admit it, I think that she inherited this addictive personality from me.  I have been known to watch movies that I really like several times a week.  For example, I cannot get enough of The Big Lebowski.  It’s a hilarious movie and I’ve watched it about 4 times in one weekend.  But Haruka has taken movie addiction to whole new level.

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