Last Days Of Summer

Since things have been a bit slow for me at work lately, I decided to take advantage of it, and take a few days off to spend it with Haru and my wife.  We decided to drive over to Chiba and spend a few days at the country house again.

Personally, I don’t really like Japanese summers.  It’s hot, humid, and everywhere you go, it’s crowded.  But the one good thing about Japanese summers is that it’s cultural.  There are O-Bon festivals everywhere you go, firework shows, and other summer festivals.  And not to forget the tradition of going to the beach.  And although I don’t particularly enjoy these things anymore, I did enjoy them as a kid, and I felt that it’s only fair that Haruka experience these summer traditions as well.  So, as the last days of summer come to end, we decided to take Haruka to the beach and to Mother’s Farm in Chiba, to let her see what a Japanese summer is like first hand.

Although it wasn’t the first time for Haru to ever see the ocean, it was the first time to be at a beach.  She seemed to enjoy it a lot, until one of the waves knocked her down on her butt.  After that, she was very apprehensive about going near the water.  But overall, she seemed to like the beach.  We were there for about an hour.  And although the weather was a bit over-casted, she managed to get quite a tan in such short amount of time.

After the beach, we had lunch at the house and had nap.  We then headed up to Mother’s Farm, a small amusement park like farm up in the nearby mountains.  Apparently they have have firework shows up there so it was a good opportunity to let Haru see some fireworks.  We rode on some of the rides, like the ferris wheel and other rides for small children, and the caught the short 15 minute firework show.  It was nice in that there weren’t a ridiculous amount of people there as these things usually attract.  We were able to get a pretty seat in the grass opening and see the whole entire show.

After we got back, we decided to do our own fireworks with some sparklers we bought at the convenience store.  Haruka, unfortunately took very little interest, and preferred to break the unlit sparklers into two.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Haru, grabbing he mom by her shoulders

Watching her first fireworks show

Watching her first fireworks show

Playing in the water at the beach

Running of the beach

Haruka, not happy about the sand on her hands and feet

enjoying the light show

Running around with a bucket.  Notice the tan.

More fun with the bucket

Haruka and the dogs

Playing with fire

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