Haruka, Annie, and the breakfast club

I have taken a few days off from work this week so that we can spend a few days at the country house in Chiba.  Originally, we were planing to leave today, but my wife had to go to the hospital to treat some mystery ailment that had been bothering her for the last two weeks now.  It turns out that she has some small kidney stones passing through her bladder but nothing to be worried about.  The doctor said that she’ll be able pass the stones through her system in a few days.

Meanwhile, we decided to stop at our local furniture store to look for a new living room rug.  We also went there to get some ideas on how to decorate Haruka’s room that we’re hoping to move her over to by the end of the year.  I  can already tell it’ll be a difficult transition, because she’s already climbing out of her crib and crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night.  Sometimes it takes me totally by surprise to wake up in the morning to see that Haru has stolen my pillow, my blanket, and most of my sleeping space.

Progress-wise, Haru is continuing to learn new words in both Japanese and English at a tremendous pace.  I estimate that she has a fifty word vocabulary.  She can now identify many objects in both languages, and I think she distinguish which words are Japanese and which are English.  She also knows to speak English with me and Japanese with her mother which is pretty amazing.  This means that she code-switch pretty effectively, which is something I struggled with for a long time as a child.

My wife also bought Haru the 1982 version of the movie Annie on DVD, which I enjoyed so much as a kid.  Amazingly, Haru has taken a quick liking to it.  She’s already watched it three times.  Every time Annie appears, Haru would point to the TV and say “Annie! Annie!”  Even more surprising, she’s already memorized the melody to some of the songs and she tries to hum the verses.

The breakfast club, Haru (middle) and her friends.

Haru and her friend playing in the pool.

Testing out the rugs at the furniture store.

more of the same

climbing on the furniture….

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