Back to the Vacation House

A few week ago, we went to the vacation house out in Chiba. In my haste, I left the power adapter for my laptop in the dining room.  So for the last three weeks, its been a bit inconvenient because my wife and I had to share an adapter.

Well, over the weekend, we decided enough is enough, and it was time to make another visit to pick up my adapter.  So last Saturday, we decided to take another trip out there and spend a few minutes there.  The weather was quite nice, so we decided to make it day and let Haru run around in the yard and chase bubbles.  Afterwards, we had lunch at the restaurant we had lunch at before.

Haru, having a run out in the parking lot.

Soaking her feet in the hot foot bath.  I have no idea why this was here.

Saying ‘cheese’ for the camera.

Big sip of my Miso soup for lunch

Enjoying the restaurant

Chasing bubble outside of the house.

Going for a drive.

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