Country House, City House

Whenever my mother is in Japan, we usually take Haru to Tokyo to see her.   This time, we decided to do something a bit different. We spent the last few days at my grandmother’s country house out on the Chiba peninsula.  This is the first trip out to the country house for Haru, so it was quite interesting to see how she’d react from being away from the city.

the country house

The country house is located up on a hill  in a pretty rural part of Chiba bordering on Tokyo bay.  Despite a huge deforestation of trees to make way for what seems to be a housing construction project, there’ s still plenty of nature left near the house for Haru and the dogs to experience.    Like for example, the big ugly moth with leaf like wings that paid a visit to our screen door and refused to go away.  Not only did the big ugly moth stir up the dogs, it seemed to frighten Haru, who I thought was virtually fearless.  But she seemed to genuinely afraid to get close to this big nasty bug, and I totally don’t blame.  After all, would you want to get close to something about the size of a CD-ROM, and that looked like this:

the big ugly moth with leaf like wings

Despite the less than welcomed visit from our lepidoptera visitor, who eventually left, but not before tiring itself out and passing out on the back porch, Haru seemed to enjoy herself a lot.

On the second day out in the country, we wanted to take Haru and the dogs out to the local ranch, but unfortunately due to poor weather, which was superstitiously blamed on me (some people believe that I have the supernatural ability to draw rain wherever I go), we were not  able to go.  But we did enjoy a nice lunch in town.

playing on the floor

Haru and her grandma siting on the porch

But the most important reason for our little trip was not see a bunch of cows or pigs, or even drink fresh squeezed milk.  It was all about family and spending quality time with the family.  Haruka is only able to see her grandma twice a year or so, and I am only spend a couple of hours a day with with her, so this was about taking some time to spend quality time away from the city rush, with the family.

Haru having a conversation with her grandma

Haru and her cousin’s BMW

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