“Baby Geniuses”?

Several years ago, I watched a movie called Baby Geniuses.  It’s a comedy about a bunch of really smart babies.  In the movie, there  was a premise that all babies, prior to being able to speak their first “real” words, are able to communicate with each other, and also possess “universal knowledge”.   And at the age of two, when the babies start to talk, they begin to cross-over and they lose their ability to tap into the universal knowledge and communicate with each other.

With the “universal knowledge” premise aside,  I somewhat wondered if there may be some truth to the part about babies actually being able to communicate with each other at some really fundamental level.  The reason I wonder this is because everytime Haru comes back from playing with her baby friends, it seems that she learns something new.  Maybe there maybe some degree of knowledge transfer going on that adults aren’t able to, or have lost the ability to understand.  And its not just Haru, it seems that several other people report that their kids also learn things faster when they are in the presence of other kids. Perhaps this is something I should investigate further because it is an intersting topic.

Haru’s walking skills are improving on a daily basis.  She is able to take several steps now, and stand for longer periods of times.  Sometimes she will stand for several minutes while watching TV before either squating down, or falling over.  I think it’ll only be a matter if time before she spends the majority of her time walking rather than crawling.

Another thing Haru has learned to recognize is the word “bye-bye”.  Everytime she hears bye-bye she’ll wave goodbye.  There were even a couple times when she attempted to say bye-bye, but it wasn’t quite coherent yet.   But she can even recognize when she hears bye-bye on TV, or when her toy turtle says bye-bye, and she would wave.

However, with the good comes the bad.  I’m not sure if its because she is learning things so quickly, but she has been having a hard time staying asleep at night.  Sometimes, she would even wake up on an hourly basis.  There were a few times when I checked Haru during these waking spells, and it looked as if she wasn’t really fully awake, but more like as if she was crying in her sleep.  My wife suspects that she may be going through a time where her brain development is happening so quickly, that it puts her in some state of half sleep.

Haru with crackers all over her face

Standing the middle of the living room

Sharing her lunch with Princess

Digging out a toy she dropped into the vase

And here are a coulple of videos:

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