A Family Outing

Yesterday we spent the day at the local furniture store to buy some longly needed items that we had neglected for the last year (mainly lamps etc).  In the process, Haru seemed to fal in love with a big stuffed toy dog, so we decided to buy it for her.  But as with her other toys, Haru seemed to lose interest as soon as we got home.  And like some of her other toys, it became a toy for the dogs.  She does occassionally grab it and hug it though.  Maybe she still a bit too young for stuffed animals?

While at the furniture store, we saw some really interesting layout for kid’s rooms.  Eventually, Haru will need to move out of our room and have room of her own, so we looked at some furniture for her room, as well as some stuff that will replace the space where Haru’s crib is now.  It’ll still be a while before she moves out, but it was fun looking none the less.

Lots of pictures this week:

Practicing drinking from a straw

Sticking her tongue out

Sharing her crackers with the dogs

playing with the dogs’ water dish

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