“Babies Be Bobbin’ Up Everywhere!”

This morning, before I left for work, I looked through some old pictures of Haru from last November, as I occassionally do from time to time.  It’s hard to believe that Haru was that small only nine months ago.  I think what triggered me to want to look at Haru’s birth photos, was the fact that it seems like everyone around me is having or just recently had a baby.  I have 3 co-workers who are expecting within the next month, my wife’s cousin is also expecting her second child within a few weeks, and my friend Saori, who just got married a couple weeks ago is having her first child in January.  This is not to mention all of the babies that were born within the last year, including Haru and her second cousins.  I wonder if this is a second wave baby boom?

It’s only been a few of days since Haru took her first steps, and she has already progress into taken more steps.  I think its a matter of gaining  confidence  more than anything else, because she’ll fall only if she know’s that one of us is close enough to catch her.  If I put her a few feet away from me, she’ll walk to within a  range where I could catch her before she does a falling dive into my arms.  Probably by the end of the month, she will be full fledge toddler.

Learning to use her training cup (with a straw)

A blurry pic..more biting

Standing on her knees

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