Thunder and Lightening

Haru continues to learn new things on almost a daily basis.  She finally learned how to wave bye bye.  There are some things that she does that neither of us taught her to do.  For example,  her new favorite thing to do is to throw out her fist and shout “punch”.  I suspect she may have seen it on TV or maybe she saw some other child do it, but its odd that she was able to pick that up so quickly.

Another thing she seemed to learn on her own is dancing. Today, we had a pretty intense thunder and lightening storm.  Until recently, the sound of thunder didn’t really bother Haru too much, but lately they seem to frighten her.  So to keep her mind off the storm, we played a DVD of a children’s program that she seems to enjoy a lot.  At times she would turn away from the TV and sway back and forth to the music.

A closeup of Haru

A video of Haru dancing to her TV show

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