Saori’s Wedding

Yesterday, Saori, a dear friend of ours since my days in San Francisco, got married.  For the longest time, I knew Saori always wanted to find that right person and settle down, so a big congratulations to her and ner new husband Julian.

Here are some pics from yesterday’s wedding reception:

Saori and her husband Julian

Haruka playing with Saori’s 15 month old nephew

Haruka waiting patient for her mom to return

another shot

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Learning to Walk

Technical note: The camera is offline again. This is because I had to swap out the router last week for a new one and I haven’t configured the camera to see the new router yet. I will get on this as soon as I can.

Haruka got a new toy over the weekend. She’s been expressing a strong desire to walk lately. She would often crawl up to me, grab my legs and yell at me to help her walk. I don’t mind doing this at all, but the problem is she also does this with my wife, especially when she’s in the kitchen doing something. Sometimes she would grab a chair or some other object that’s about her height and us it as a walker. So we got her this cart-like thingy (for a lack of a better term) that helps her walk a little better.

At first she seemed to be afraid of it, because the cart would move everytime she grabbed a hold of it. But there’s a little knob located by one of the wheels that creates a bit more friction so that it won’t move as fast, so I basically turned it all the way to the locked postion until she gained some confidence with just grabbing onto to it.

Last night, I noticed that haru has a lot more confident with the walker cart thingy, so I decided to loosen it up a bit, and loved it. She would push it around the room while giggling and smiling. Ultimately, I completely unlocked the wheels so that she could push at full speed, and she went absolutely nuts. I can tell that this is going to be her new favorite toy.

Haru and her new favorite toy

Haru showing me what she’s eating

Visiting an old childhood friend: her pink inflateable bath tub

Here’s a video of Haru playing with her walker (kind of long):

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Off Topic: More Technical Difficulties

We’ve been plagued with a series of technical problems lately.  First it was my PC calling it quits a couple of months ago, but then came back to life later.  Then a bug in the software that runs this site broke all of the links to the past post.  I was able to get that resolved over the weeked by applying a software update.   And just when I thought everything was back to normal, our router decides to quit on us. Our router is about three maybe four years old now. They are suppose to last a bit longer than that, but ours didn’t. Maybe the electrical storm we had last week killed it. So, rather than playing around with it and trying to fix it, I just ran out and bought a new one at an electronics shop in Tokyo during my lunch break today.  It took about an our or so to set up, and I think everything is back online.   I haven’t checked to see if this site is visible from the outside yet, so hopefully it is.

At any rate, if anyone was trying to access this site earlier today and got a 404 error, or couldn’t access at all, then you now know why.  Everything should be stable now (crosses fingers).

Haru laughing at the camera

Giving Emi a huge bear hug

taunting the dogs with her crackers

A video of Haru playing peak-a-boo

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Saying Goodbye to the Old Stuff

Up until now, we been confining Haruka’s playing area to the living room and the Tatami room (Japanese room) because these two rooms are pretty much baby proofed.  However, Haru has recently discovered that there’s more to our house than just these rooms. She particularly likes the kitchen a lot and has discovered how fun it is crawl out into the hallway as well.  So witin the next month or so, before Haru starts to learn to walk, we will need to baby proof the entire house.

Along with accomodating for Haru’s new found discoveries, we also found it necessary to part with some items that Haru has long outgrown.  One of the items is the cradle that my mom bought Haru several months ago.  It proved to be a very useful item, because without it, there would have been times when it would have been nearly impossible to her to sleep.  My wife’s cousin is expecting her second child within the next couple of months, so we figured that we’d pass it over to her, so I took it apart prepared it for them.  But while we still had it here, we thought we let Haru say her goodbyes to her once needed sleep companion.

Having one last bite at the little toys that came with the cradle.

another pic of the same

Trying to catch a bubble

Playing with the dogs, or at least trying to

Finally, a video of a typical day with Haru at home

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A Good Way to Spend a Saturday

Last Saturday, I spent the day at home with Haru, as my wife went to the chiropractor for some fixing up.  Despite having to chase Haru around the house for most of the day, she has gotten a lot easier to tend to.  For breakfast, I gave her some oatmeal made from baby formula.  She had a few bites, but didn’t seem to like it too much. For lunch, I feed her baby food, which she seemed to enjoy a more.  After her lunch, I managed to get her to sleep for for nearly two hours. This gave me time to catch up some private time which I so desperately needed, but two hours was definately not enough.

After Haru woke from her nap, it was back to chasing her around the house.  For some reason, Haru seems to have a particular fondness for the kitchen.  I don’t know whether if it’s the dogs’ water dish, or the trash bin, but she seems to find the kitchen the most entertaining room in the house.

In Japan, 3 pm is traditionally oyatsu no jikan or snack time for children, which is almost similar to the British tea time.  Oyatsu could be anything, but usually a light snack, like cake, cookies, or rice crakcers followed with some kind of soft drink.  I gave Haru her usual rice crackers and cocoa biscuits, with wheat tea.  With her two bottom teeth in now, she is able to scarf down the crackers and biscuits pretty quickly.  After her oyatsu, we both just kicked back and watched cartoons and the olympics until her mom got home.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Haru, sharing her oyatsu with Jenna

tryin to jump up on the sofa

another shot

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Eating Like a Champ

First a technical note:  A couple of weeks ago, I updated this blog site with the latest software updates.  However, due to a bug in the software, the updates broke some of the links on the side bar.  More specifically, the links on the calender and the archives.  I have applied a work around that seems to be working, but not its still not 100%.  WordPress (the makers of the blog software) are aware of the issue and are issuing a fix in the next update.  Until then, some of the links to the past posts may be broken, but will be fixed very soon.

Haru’s appetite has grown exponentially in the last few days.  We used to just give her a small matchbox sized saucer of food, and then suppliment it with either milk or formula.  But it seems that Haru is quickly losing interest in milk and gaining interest in solid foods.  Last night, my wife prepared a bowl of udon which are thick Japanese noodles in a soup, usually prepared with vegetables, seafood, meat, and/or tempura.  Haru’s udon was very simple, and didn’t have too many toppings in it.  My wife prepared what seemed to be a few helpings worth for Haru, and expected to use for a couple of days.  But Haru demonstrated her increasing appetite by eating everything that my wife prepared.  We were both quite surprised by this.  To add to this, Haru even had some peaches for dessert.  She must have been quite full after all of that, because she didn’t drink much of her milk before going to sleep.

My wife is also teaching Haru to say mamma, to let her know when she’s hungry.  It seems to be working because occassionally, when I’m eating something, she’d crawl up towards me and say mamma.

Chewing on an unopened popsicle

one more

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First Words?

Haruka turned 8 months old last Sunday. Almost every month (or sometimes more frequently), I look back at old pictures to see how much she’s changed. And although I would find that she has changed a lot almost everytime, I’ve noticed that her facial features have changed a lot this time. Especially comparing the pictures from last May, I have noticed that her face was a lot more rounder back then. Now she looks like she is transitioning from being a baby, to being a toddler.

Haruka has always been quite talkative, every since she was about 2 and half months old. But nowadays, instead of just mumbling incohernet and incomprehensible babblings, she occasionally says actual words. For example, she said oishii! which means tastes good! a couple of times when she was having her lunch. Quite a few times now, she’s said bye bye! and even waved at me when her mom carried her off to take her bath. Although she said it only once, she even used the word itai! which means that hurts! when I slapped on her butt once.

We’re not quite sure if its just a coincidence or if she actually is talking. I personally think that she’s imitating us, but doesn’t actually understand what she’s saying. At most, she may have associated the word bye bye with waving, but doesn’t really understand how to and when to use the words. As for the word itai, I think that was a pure coincidence, but it was pretty funny and oddly appropriate when she did say it.  Her second-cousin Roi, actually started speaking when he was 10 months old, and now is learning different languages.

Perhaps, her language ability has developed quickly and she’ll start speaking more. This is definately something that would be welcomed, and encouraged.

Haruka at 8 months old

another shot

Experimenting with pigtails

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