Haru and the Dogs

The relationship between Haru and the dogs has never been good. It’s not that Haru dislike our dogs. On the contrary, Haru loves the dogs, but she tends to be a bit rough on them. Because she still hasn’t mastered the fine coordination in her hands and fingers, she tends to grab things (like the dogs’ fur or their ears) so they tend to steer clear of her when they see her coming. They’ll often growl at her if she’s too close, or move to another part of the room. And the loud seemingly endless crying during her colicky days didn’t help matters much either. Lately however, I’ve noticed times when the dogs have warmed up to Haru. They’d either give her a little kiss on the cheek or sit next her, provided that she doesn’t approach or reach out at them first.

Tonight, there was somewhat of a breakthrough in the cold war between Haru and the dogs. I guess it was a rare moment when Haru was in a good mood, and the dogs were in a tolerant and playful mood at the same time. I was playing with Princess and throwing around her favorite squeaky toy, while my wife was preparing for Haru for her bath. Haru seemed to take interest in what was going on so my wife let Haru loose, completely nude. Shortly after Jenna joined in and before I knew it, all three of them seemed to be having a really fun time. It was such a rare moment, that I actually video taped it. I hope that when Haru is old enough to see the video, she doesn’t mind that I posted her nude self for all of the world to see.

First, just some random pictures:

A blury pic of Haru crawling

watching Baby Einstein

And finally the video

Haru laughing hysterically at our silly dogs

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