I scream for Ice cream!

Today my wife and I spent the early afternoon watching baby documentaries on the Discovery Channel. Normally we usually don’t care too much about watching baby shows, but this show was specifically about various developmental milestones, so we were both a bit interested in knowing how Haru measures up. As I suspected, Haru seems to be about 6 weeks to 2 months ahead of babies at the same developmental age. She’s literally learning a new skill every week now, which I’m not sure if its normal or not, but it defenately beats having the opposite.

Afterwards, we decided go for a walk to the nearby department store to pick up some stuff for Haru. I was initially looking for an activity center for Haru to play with, but unfortunately, this department store didn’t carry it so we may have to look for it at Toy’s R Us or a similar type of store. My wife picked some new cloths for Haru and I had her try on some hats. There was one in particular that looked really good on her, so even though its a bit big on her, I decided to get it for her anyways.

We also went to the kids play area to let Haru play with some of the toys there in the hopes that something might capture her attention. She seemed to enjoy the little plastic slide that was there, but its not something she can use right away, not without help anyways, so we passed on getting her the slide.

After letting Haru play around with the toys for while, we decided to get some icecream at the Baskin Robins at the food court. I gave Haru a couple of spoonfuls of my vanilla icecream to see how she’d react. She didn’t show any particular reaction favoring the icecream, bu she didn’t dislike it either. Maybe it was just a little bit too cold for her liking.

Showing a little bit of interest for a toy in the play area

Another toy that Haru took an interest to

Modelling her new hat

Another shot

Finally, a short video of Haru trying to stand up.

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