Found the pace…finally!

For the last four weeks or so, Haruka has been difficult to get to sleep. She’s been a real grouch, to the point where it’s caused a lot of stress on us, not to mention an immense loss of sleep. In the last week in particular, it got so bad, that she refused to drink her formula, and only drank breast milk. At times she didn’t even want me to hold her, and only let her mother hold her, which was a bit upsetting.

There are some visible signs of teeth on her bottom gums, so I naturally thought her grouchiness was due to teething. But I didn’t understand why it made her not want to drink milk. my wife has always been the voice of reason, and the cool headed one, but there was a point when my wife said that Haruka got so difficult that she wanted to put her into daycare. Having lived right next door to a daycare center for 4 years prior to moving into our current house, I was strongly against the idea. There was no way I was letting some fresh out of trade school 25 year old girl with only book knowlege on how to take care of children, raise our child.

Although I wanted to help as much as possible, my busy work schedule limited me from researching this any deeper. So the best I could is just hope Haru would get through this phase quickly. Luckily, my wife was able to find a solution.

She read that babies Haru’s age need sleep, and LOTS of it, because they are growing so fast that they use up their energy and stamina quickly. And although we were putting her down for regular naps throughout the day, according to her book, it wasn’t enough. Apparently, 6 month olds can’t or shouldn’t stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time. If they stay awake for more than 2 hours, everything becomes over stimulating to them, and consequently they have a hard time getting to sleep. Even the act of trying to get them to sleep becomes overwhelming to them. And because they’re so tired and/or sleepy, they don’t even have the energy to drink milk (which explained her tantrums when I tried to feed her).

So last week, my wife began putting her to sleep every 2 hours. And even though Haru would only sleep 30 minutes to an hour at a time, it made a world of difference. Haru was much more energetic, and very rarely cried when she was awake. When we put her to sleep, she’d fall asleep within a couple of minutes, which is something she never did before. Usually it’d take 5 to 10 minutes of screaming and fumbling around before she’d fall asleep, but now she’d just nod silently off to sleep, without any fuss at all. Not only that, her appetite seems to have increased as well, and now feeding her is no longer an issue. So now, life with Haru has all of a sudden gotten a lot easier.

In addition to Haru’s new found happiness, she has begun to crawl a little bit. She still drags along the floor a little bit, but she can move forwards now and she can move quite quickly. Her latest past time is chasing the the dogs around the living room. At times, she would even prop herself up on all fours and take a few scoots forward, so it looks like it won’t be long until she starts crawling at full speed.

Crawling around on the living room floor

Grabbing onto mom so she can stand up

Trying to grab the camera from me

Haru next to the doggy bed

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