Finding Haruka’s Pace

Haru’s sleep schedule has been very eratic lately, which is nothing new.  She would wake up several times a night.  It got so bad last week, that I had to resort to sleeping on the living room sofa, because I was only getting a couple of hours of sleep.  I’m not sure what’s causing this eraticness, but it’s been quite difficult coping with it. 

Along with her irregular sleep schedule, her milk time has been quite eratic as well.  For some reason, she started to not like milk.  So trying to feed her has been difficult to say the least.  Before, she would drink milk right after her evening bath  like nobody’s business.  But lately she abslolutely refuses to drink any of it.  Even just showing her her bottle makes her throw a tantrum.  So instead of the usual baby formula, my wife would just breast feed her.

If my wife had the ability to produce several gallons of milk a day like a cow does, this wouldn’t be such an issue.  However, she’s always had a difficult time supplying enough to keep up with Haru’s appetite, hence we suppliment her daily doses of breast milk with baby formula.  But now with Haru’s sudden loss in interest for formula, we are at a loss for what to give her.  She does get solid food in the afternoon, so I suspected that her loss in interest for milk may be related to the switch to solids.  Moreover, she seems to be having an unfavorable reaction to mashed beans.  So this may be adding to her dislike for milk.

Haruka does seem to go through these phases pretty quickly, so I guess the only thing we can really do is to wait for this phase to pass, and hope that she regains her interest in milk.  She did drink a whole bottle of baby formula yesterday evening, so  and end may be near.

Haru and her new cup watching Baby Einstein on TV.

Haru’s new electric high chair

New headband




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