A Mixed Up Haru

Its been two weeks since Haru returned from Yamaguchi, and even though there is no time difference between Yokohama and Yamaguchi, she still seems to be suffering from jet lag.  For the last several days Haru has been awake most of the time.  There were even times when she’d wake up in the middle of the night full of energy, and absolutely refuse to go back to sleep.  Since birth, it’s always been a chore to get her to sleep.  Aside from her after-bath sleep at night (when she would usually fall asleep almost instantaneously after her bottle), she would usually need a good cry prior to falling asleep.  Sometimes the cry would last a minute or two, other times they would last what seems like forever (realistically about 15 to 20 minutes, or sometimes longer on especially fussy days.)

Since her return, those especially fussy days have been in abundance.  As a matter of fact, there were nights when it was so bad that even refused to drink her bottle and had to be put down without her milk.  This of course meant she’d wake up in the middle of the night absolutely starved for milk.

Her afternoon naps were non-existent until about last Sunday.  At times like this, my wife would usually strap her to her back, and go for a walk outside. But unfortunately it had been raining for the last several days.  Taking walks indoors with Haru strapped to the back usually works too, but unfortunately not this time.  Haru stayed awake cooing and ahhing the whole time.  Having Haru strapped to my back was not only tiring, but also straining.  She’s getting quite heavy.  As a matter of fact, I’ve noticed that she’s gotten heavier than Jenna, our westie.  Jenna weighs about 6 and a half kilos which is about 14 pounds.  Princess, our other westie, is heavier at 7 and half kilos (or 16 pounds).  Haru hasn’t quite caught up to her yet.

As of yesterday, the situation with Haru’s jet lag, improved only slightly.  She slept at most of her nap times, but skipped her most important one, and that’s the 6pm one.  She stayed awake, but unlike her colicky days, she happily played with her toys on her play mat.  She even managed to get through most of the night without waking up.

My theory is that since Haru is about a month ahead of her chronological age (maturity-wise), she is probably about ready to switch to solids.  So rather than waiting until the WHO suggested 6 month old mark, (which is in another 3 weeks), we would begin the cutover this weekend.  Its going to be very interesting to see her get her first taste of something other than breast milk and formula.

Enjoying the furry feel of her blanket

Another one

REALLY enjoying her afternoon nap

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2 thoughts on “A Mixed Up Haru

  1. Bobby

    She is getting soooo cute, even her eye lids are not double yet, she’s got cutest eyes and eye lushes.

    Love Mom

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  2. Hi Bobby… You have the cutest little girl I have ever seen… I thought you guys never would get busy and have a baby… but look what you did!! Congratulations!!! And thanks for making your mom (Sue) a grandmother!! I know she loves it… I think of you often… Sharon Evans says hello… She remembers you from our old bible studies.. You have done well for yourself… and a pretty wife too.. 😉 Barbara

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