A Surprise to all of us!

Over the last few days, I have been trying to get Haruka to practice sitting on my lap on her own. But at best, she could only balance herself for a few seconds before toppling over. I was doing this as recently as yesterday, and it was the same result every time: she would sit for a few seconds or so, and then I would have to save her from falling over onto the floor.

This morning, my mother called me to tell me that she saw Haruka on the web camera sitting up by herself in her crib early this morning while we were asleep. I was for sure that this couldn’t be the case because Haruka could barely keep herself steady, let alone pull herself up into a sitting postion and keep her balance. But I learned today not to underestimate Haru, because she shocked us all when she showed us that not only can she sit unassisted, but she can do it for several minutes at a time.

Today, as my wife was giving the dogs a trim on the terrace, I was playing with Haru while she played in her gym. She was doing her usual rolling over onto her stomach and then back onto her back. She has gotten to be a quite an expert at this now, and she does it with hardley any effort.

She then took interest to what was going on outside on the terrace, so I moved her towards the window and sat her up so that she had a better view of the dogs. I usually support her back so that she doesn’t fall back and hit her head. But today, I noticed that when I supported her, I didn’t feel her weight on my hands so I slowly pulled my hands away, and BINGO! she was sitting on her own. I figured that she would fall over at any minute so I spotted her and waited…and waited…and waited, but she never fell back. I was even able to run into the living to grab my camera, and she was still sitting steadily. By the time I got the camera going, she had already sitting for about 5 or so minutes, so in total she must have sitting unsupported for about 11 to 12 minutes. I was truly amazed because I was expecting that it’d be another month or so before she would be able to sit on her own.

She’s still not an expert at it, because eventually she did topple over. And it seems that she still can’t sit and do something else (like bite on her teething ring) at the same time. Sitting probably takes up a lot of her concentration, so multitasking is will still be a while. But then again, I shouldn’t underestimate.

Haru looking out the window

More of the same

one last shot

Finally, here is a somewhat long viideo of Haruka watching the dogs on the terrace.

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