Haru’s Back

Haru returned from Yamaguchi the other. Aside from her hair looking slightly longer, she hadn’t changed too much, of course. It’s said that babies tend to have very short memory retention until they’re about six months old, and forget people’s faces within about a week or so. But fortunately for me, Haru seemed to remember who I was. But one thing that she did seem to forget was her daily sleep routine. Although my wife tried to maintain her routine while away, it somewhat deviated a bit. Consequently, Haru has been quite fussy lately and it takes a bit longer to get her to sleep now. On her first night back, she even woke up twice in the middle of the night, but she’s starting to go back to her usual schedule.

Here are some pictures taken today:

playing around in her gym

another shot

Standing with help from mom

more of the same

looking out the window

biting on her gym

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