Meeting More Milestones

Lately, we’ve noticed that Haruka has been doing stuff that none of the other babies her age do. We know this from her 4 month checkup that she had last week. There were several babies there, who were born more or less within two weeks of Haruka’s birthday. Although Haruka was physically about the same dimensions as the other children, my wife noticed that Haruka was a lot more active than the others. She took immediate attention to her surroundings and looked around the room a lot, she even babbled at the other babies who basically just ignored her, and did a lot more babbling and reaching for things, while the other children were a lot more quieter and stuck to their moms. Milestone-wise, I have always suspected that Haruka was ahead of the game. However, being her father, I also figured I was a bit biased. But even my cousins’ wives commented that Haruka is able to do things that their children weren’t able to do at the same age like roll over onto her stomach, stand up (supported), or sit (supported) which she was able to do several weeks before the 4 month mark. And while on vacation away from Yokohama, my wife commented that Haruka has been babbling a lot more – perhaps due to there being more people giving her more attention. Haruka has always been a babbler. She started babbling a couple of weeks after she came home from the hospital, (although a bit more quietly and less frequently). Nowadays, it seems that she’s constantly talking to herself, or to her toys. I thought this was all quite normal or pretty common until I revisited one of the child development websites that I use to go to a lot, and read through the milestones for the average 4 month old. I know that different babies grow at different paces and that the milestones listed, are just an average. But I noticed that Haruka had already met several of the milestones listed several weeks to even a couple of months earlier. So I skipped on to the 5 month old section (listed below), and noticed that she has already met a majority of those milestones as well.

Developmental Milestones 5 Months

Old Physical

  • May sit with assistance YES
  • Your baby will extend her arms and legs and arch her back when placed on her stomach YES
  • Can lift head and shoulder when placed on his back YES
  • Can bounce up and down if you hold her under the arms and let her balance her legs on your thighs YES
  • Easily brings a toy to her mouth YES
  • Shows more signs of being ready for solids NOT SURE
  • Can spot small objects YES
  • Holds heady steady when sitting upright YES
  • Continues to perfect rolling over YES
  • May be able to stand with support for brief periods of time YES


  • Your baby has learned how to hold his own bottle-don’t prop him though. YES
  • Likes to blow raspberries NOT YET
  • Likes to make bubbles SOMETIMES
  • Adding sounds to her language collection YES
  • Enjoys simple cause and effect games-she may drop objects to watch you pick them up YES
  • Giggles and laughs more often YES
  • Begins to distinguish softer colors YES
  • Realizes where sounds come from and will turn towards a new sound YES
  • Minics sounds and gestures YES
  • Babbles YES


  • Still enjoys cuddling at feedings YES
  • Your baby likes to watch you talk YES
  • Easily distracted YES
  • Shows a strong attachment to main caregiver, parents and siblings YES
  • Cries when you leave the room SOMETIMES
  • May give hugs and kisses NOT YET
  • Your baby will laugh at funny expressions YES

So I know this doesn’t mean that we have another Einstein in the making, but its nice to know that she is getting a good head start in life.

Getting ready for her flight at the airport

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