Haru’s first vacation

Tomorrow, Haru will be taking her first plane trip. She’ll be traveling with my wife to her home in Yamaguchi, which is about an hour half away by plane. Unfortunately due to my very non-busy work schedule, I won’t be able go with her. They’ll be there for about 10 days, which will give me time to do some longly neglected house-work (cutting the branches on the trees, cleaning and maybe even painting the garage, and cleaning the pet stains off the bedroom carpet.) I will also be doing my own traveling this weekend. My cousin and I will be going on a small trip down to Mie (which is about a four hour drive), in the hopes of possibly buying a car for our joint venture.

Haruka, has been waking up early these day. We haven’t made any further changes to her sleep schedule so I’m not sure what’s prompting her to wake up at 5:30am. It possibly may be because its been getting lighter outside earlier these days, or it could be because its been raining and the sound of the rain may be waking her up. Whatever it is, I hope it resolves itself soon.

Finally, I am still playing around with code to get the webcam to work with Internet explorer. I am pretty close, and it may be online this weekend.

Haruka sitting in her new pink inflatable bathing chair getting ready for a bath.

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