Haruka Houdini

Over the weekend, we all went to the department store to pick up a few things for Haruka. One thing she was in desparate need of was a chair for the bathroom. Up until now, we were still using her pink inflateable bath tub for her baths, the same one she had been using since her first day home. But for the last several weeks now, its gotten more and more difficult to use the inflated bath tub, because she has simply gotten too big, and too heavy for me to hold her in. So we decided that it was time to bid farewell once and for all to the pink inflateble tub and introduce Haruka to the bath for big people. In order for us to be able to bathe her in our bath tub, we first needed to buy her a little bathroom chair with belts to keep her in place, so we bought her a pink inflateable chair that looks a lot like her tub. Its still only been a couple of tries, but Haruka hasn’t quite gotten use to taking her bath with her mom. I think the amount of water makes her a bit nervous, so it may take some time to get use to it.

Another item we bought for her was a teething ring. Although she hasn’t got any teeth yet, she has been showing the need to bite down on things. We suspect that she may be teething. She took to the teething ring quite quickly and likes gumming down on it.

Haruka has been adjusting to her new sleep schedule quite nicely. She’s back to sleeping through the night, although at times she refuses to sleep in the afternoon, which is not really a big deal. With new found use of both hands, she’s able ti keep herself entertained, so its been a lot easier to just let her play by herself.

But now since she is able to use her hands more proficiently and roll over, she has also figured out how to undo herself from her swaddle blanket. Occasionally, I would wake up in the morning to find that she has completely escaped from her blanket and have her fingers in her mouth. A regular Harry Haruka Houdini. I hope that her talent for quick escapes stops here.

Haruka and her new teething ring

Happily playing in her baby gym

Trying on some hats at the department store while she was asleep. Made her look like an elderly woman.

Finally, its’s been awhile since I posted home movies, so here is a little home movie I made of Haruka rolling over and playing in her baby gym.

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