One Year Ago…

I didn’t realize it until today, but its been one year since all of this started. I occasionally look back at past entries and read about the events that had transpired in the last year. It made me realize how we all often take time for granted.

It was one year ago, we discovered Haruka’s existence. She was was just a blob of cells, with no real recognizeable structure back then. She’s now 3 and a half months old, and beginning to roll over onto her stomach at a success rate of about 25%. Yes, it is amazing how much can happen in just one year.

Last Saturday, we went to my grandmother’s house for the first time since the new years. Coincidently, my cousin’s wife and their little boy were there. The had stopped by on their way home from kindergarten. My cousin, and his older brother and family showed up later, which gave us a chance to reintroduce Haruka to her second cousins, Ren, Karin, and Shiyu. Everyone was impressed with Haruka’s ability to stand up, with support from me of course. Later on that evening, we all went out for dinner. I guess being at the restaurant must of overwhelmed the children a bit, because they all started crying at about the same time. Even Ren, who’s the oldest at 5 years old, tired out and begin to cry, but then fell asleep.

Later on that evening, when we got home, Haruka decided that she was ready to roll over. It was pretty amazing. One minute she was struggling to turn herself over, the next minute, she was on her stomach. I think she even surprised herself. Even though she’s still not very good at doing it, her quick progress is really amazing, sometimes astonishing.

Haruka, after her nightly bath.

Another shot

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