First Shots

Over the weekend, we took Haruka to get her first shots. They weren’t really shots, but more closer to a tuberculosis skin test. The doctor basically took a little device that had a bunch of small needles on it, and pricked the top layers of the skin on Haruka’s arm. We are suppose to wait several days to see of there is a reaction to the test. If there is a reaction, that means that she has been infected and needs medical treatment. A positive result will make the area where she was picked turn completely red, followed by discoloration. Haruka’s arm has turned a bit red, which concerned us a bit, but it may have been just the initial reaction to the pressure rather than a infectious reaction. After a few days, if the redness doesn’t go away, we will take her back to the children’s clinic.

Haruka reacted as expected while getting her shot. She cried and screamed, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I thought she would cry uncontrollably for the entire afternoon, but she only cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep afterwards, so her first shot went fairly well. While at the doctor’s office, we took the opportunity to weigh her again. She is now over 6kg, which is about 13lbs. Carrying her is beginning to be a chore. I definitely can feel it in my back now.

After he shots, we took a trip to the drug store, then the supermarket. Conveniently, both the drug store and supermarket was right across the street from the clinic. By the time we got across the street, Haruka had woken up, and she was in very good spirits. She seems to enjoy the supermarket a lot. I guess the bright colors and the people interests her enough to keep her attention.

We finally got around to buying her baby shampoo. Up until now, we were just using soap to wash her hair because she had very little hair to wash. But I insisted that we switch to proper shampoo, because the soap seemed to drying out her scalp and possible contributing to the knotting and general unruliness of her hair. Although not too significantly dramatic, the shampoo made some degree of difference to the texture of her hair. It does lay a bit better and the dryness seems to be going away. Although still relatively thin, her hair seems to be filling in nicely, and the back has just started touching her shoulders a bit.

Haruka enjoying her new hobby: putting her hands together.

Haruka giving a dazed looked after her mother swung her around in effort to get her to smile.

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