Bad 1987

As of last Friday, I finally got my Japanese driver’s license.  Apparently, according to the Japan Traffic Act 107.2, as of 2003 it’s illegal to drive more than 12 months using an International Driving Permit, which I had been doing.  So in turn, I have been driving illegally for the last 4+ years. 

So for the last 6 months or so, I have been trying desparately to get a driver’s license in Japan.  It doesn’t sound too difficult, but in reality, it was literally much easier to get permanant a residence card.  But that’s all in the past, and now I am licensed to drive (full story here).

Over the weekend, I was experimenting with different ways of getting Haruka to go to sleep faster.  Although the cradle and rocking her to sleep is effective most of the times, sometimes during the day, she is too energized and can’t sleep.  So I figured the best way to get her to sleep when she is so pumped up full of energy, is to tire her out.  Not an easy task as you can imagine, and usually I’m the one who tires out first.

But by chance, I had stumbled on a couple of really effective ways of helping her use her excess energy.  One way is to make her stand.  As mentioned in a previous entry, Haruka likes to stand on my lap, and she is getting better at it everyday. So last Sunday, I stood her on my lap and bounced her around for a while.  At first she really enjoyed it, making all kinds of happy noises.  But after a while she got tired and started to whimper.  Instead of sitting her down, I made her stand a bit longer until her whimpers turned into a full cry, then I sat her down on the sofa.  She’ll sat there for a while and either watched TV or looked around the room for a while.  After several minutes of sitting she then start to whimper again.  And again I just let her be until she started to cry.  Then when she started crying I picked her up and cradled her in my arms a bit.  After a while of that, she got fussy again which is the signal that she wants to sleep, so I placed her in her cradle and she fell asleep.  My wife repeated this process while I was at work yesterday, and she said it worked, so we found one good method.

The second method, which I discovered today, is to watch Michael Jackson’s 1987 Bad concert DVD that I downloaded.  Since there is a lot of colorful lights and music in the video,  it really got her attention.  As a matter of fact, it kept her attention for a good 20 minutes until she started getting tired and started to whimper.  This is a lot longer than anything I’ve done before.  It was quite impressive that a concert DVD could keep the attention of a 2 month old baby for 20 minutes.  Eventually she fell asleep from over stimulation.  Obviously, this isn’t something I can do everyday, so the first method seems to be the method of choice.

Finally, Haruka turned 8 weeks old today. She is progressing nicely and makes all kinds of funny sounds.  My wife and I talk to her a lot, and this seems to encourage her to make more noises.  Hopefully her language skills develop quicky so she can talk back to us sometime soon.

By the way, the gallery has been updated.  The next updat will be next month.


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